Why Mediation?

How Does The Mediation Process Work?
Jessica A. Stepp
This article provides an overview of the mediation process.
Why Mediation Works
Michael Roberts
We are in the midst of a litigation crisis. The high cost and long delays associated with the trial of civil matters often make litigation an impractical method of resolving disputes. It is not uncommon for the attorney’s fees, expert witness fees, jury fees, court reporter fees and other related costs to exceed the amount in dispute.
Litigate Or Mediate?: Mediation As An Alternative To Lawsuits
Adrienne Krikorian
Mediating a case before a lawsuit is filed enables the parties to present their case to a mutually selected neutral person before any money is spent on litigation. The cost of mediating a case is minimal compared to the costs incurred through the life of a lawsuit.
What Does A Mediator Do?
Edward P. Ahrens
Okay, we know you can’t make decisions. We know you can’t issue orders. (‘I’m not a judge or an arbitrator, blah, blah, blah.’) We know you can’t take sides, must always remain neutral. And we know you can’t give us legal advice. And then you tell us mediation is a consensual process. Bummer. Now the other side can walk at will! “So, what in the hell DO you do?”
The “What” of Mediation: When Is Mediation the Right Process Choice?
Paula Young
As mediators, lawyers, and their clients gain more experience with mediation, fewer and fewer types of disputes will seem less amenable to the process. Even if mediation only succeeds in improving the parties’ communication, in identifying their underlying interests, in narrowing the issues in conflict, or in helping them more carefully evaluate their litigation option, it can move the dispute towards a quicker, more cost effective resolution.
All You Need To Know About Mediation But Didn’t Know To Ask-A Parachute for Parties in Litigation!
Paul Fisher
Mediation is the cutting edge dispute resolution process which resolves litigation at a fraction of the cost, time and emotional pain of trial. The key participants, the parties to litigation, haven’t a clue what mediation is or how it works until after they have been through it. This article is addressed to the parties, as opposed to lawyers. It explains what mediation is, how parties can make it work to settle disputes, and thus avoid the nightmare of trial.
Mediator Neutrality: How is it possible?
Rachel Fishman Green, Esq.
How could a mediator be neutral about your situation when you are getting divorced? Surely one of you is right and the other is wrong! If you know in your bones – and all of your friends agree – that you are right, you may think that mediation would not make sense for you, because you don’t want to compromise.

Eleven Questions Most Commonly Asked About Mediation
Forrest (Woody) Mosten
We all have questions about mediation. Not just disputants, but also the lawyers, and mediators themsleves. This list aims to answer some of the peristent ones.