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Welcome to The Mediator’s Blog

By October 24, 2016October 28th, 2016General

Hello OMA Members,

One of the most important features of the new Ohio Mediation Association website is “The Mediator’s Blog.”  This will supplement our newsletter as a source of information, insight, and collaboration among Ohio mediators.  As an OMA member, you can write a blog post about your favorite mediation techniques, your outlook on the development of the mediation profession, and tough issues you regularly face in mediation sessions.

Why Should You Blog?

First, blogging is an effective way to draw attention to yourself online.  When disputants type “mediator” into a search engine, that search engine will look for webpages that have the most hits for the search term “mediator” from the geographical area of the disputant’s location or IP address.  In order to have a sufficient number of “hits” to be high on the search engine’s results, you need to have an online presence.  This means writing about your area of expertise on webpages and linking these webpages to online ways that people can get hold of you (your Facebook page or profile page).

Thus, writing blog posts will help attract attention to you from people who are searching online for the topics you are writing about.

Second, sharing your experience and wisdom with other OMA members will build a pool of knowledge from which we can all grow and improve.  Currently, mediation is a profession of individuals.  In order for a profession to be strong, it must become a community.  This blog will be an easy and efficient opportunity for OMA members to flesh out their ideas, get feedback from other experienced professionals, and learn from the collective wisdom of our membership.

We therefore invite you to submit blog posts to and comment on blog posts submitted by others.  By pooling our knowledge and learning from each other, we will develop as individuals and as a profession.