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September 2003

By January 9, 2003Newsletter

Ohio Mediation Association

A Bi-Monthly Publication September 2003

President: Martha Antolik (937) 264-2336 E-mail:
President Elect/Newscaster Editor: Shirley Cochran (513) 732-7397 Fax: (614) 863-4775 E-mail: or
Vice President: Jay Patterson (614) 447-8564 E-mail:
Treasurer: Dan DeStephen (913) 775-2067 Fax (937) 775-6152 E-mail:
Secretary: Sheri Center (614) 231-1855 Fax (614) 864-1818 E-mail: findingcommonground@yahoo.comMark your Calendars for our exciting 2003-2004 meetings!!

October 3, 2003 WAVE: youth peer mediators organization from Cleveland, Ohio who were recognized by the White House. Carol Close, Coordinator and several peer mediators will be at our meeting

December 5, 2003 Victoria Solomon, J.D., L.I.S.W., will be presenting “Ten Gifts a Mediator Brings to the Table”.

February 5, 2004 TBA

March 26, 2004 Annual Meeting at Fawcett Center OSU The Future of Credentialing and What it Means to Ohio Mediators. NOTE DIFFERENT DATE AND LOCATION THAN REGULAR MEETINGS!

All meetings to be held at 11:30 AM at the MCL Cafeteria at Westerville and Schrock Roads in Westerville until further notice (Directions on back page)

Editorial Note: Normally when I use articles written and published elsewhere, I note the source and through an error last newsletter, an article was used without reference. The article “Dispute Resolution Clauses Keep the Faith” was from the ABA (American Bar Association) Journal e-Report of Friday May 30, 2003. I apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused.

Chinese idiom: Turn a large issue into a small one, then turn the small one into none.

President’s Column
By Martha Antolik

The end of summer is approaching fast—schools are starting again and the days are lengthening. Before we know it, we’ll be welcoming in a new year!

But some things are constant. OMA still meets the first Friday of the even-designated months of October and December, at the MCL Cafeteria. Directions to our meeting place, and a phone number for the location, can be found elsewhere in this publication. Please join us—your presence is not only welcomed but encouraged.

In fact, what we hope is different this fall is that more of you DO join us for our meetings. If you have ideas for topics of for speakers, please let Sandy Fredrick know. Her contact information is in this newsletter. You can also pass on your ideas to any of OMA’s officers.

We hope to catch up with you at our October meeting, as the leaves start to fall and a chill returns to the air. Help us to greet the WAVE mediators who will be on hand to talk about what they do as peer mediators.


Couple Has FLARE for Resolving Conflict
By Cathy Kuhl

A mediator can learn a lot about conflict resolution from the parties in mediation. I had such an opportunity when I mediated a complaint between a boyfriend and girlfriend last year.

When Jack and Jill (these names are not the parties’ names) walked into the mediation room, they appeared very comfortable and at ease with each other. After beginning the session with the typical mediation introduction, I was not surprised when Jack and Jill told me that they had resolved their dispute. I told them I was glad to hear that they had worked things out, but asked them to tell me a bit about the nature of the dispute and what they did to resolve it. They described an incident that involved a classic argument that couples have over a minor matter. They both agreed that each had said things that each regretted.

I asked what they did to resolve the matter and they said they talked it over and came up with a method for insuring that their future conflicts wouldn’t escalate. Jack looked at Jill and said, “We send up a flare, right?” Intrigued by Jack’s comment, I asked them to explain. Jack explained that it was an acronym that stands for all the things that are important in their relationship; Jill said that the acronym stands for “Friendship”, “Listening”, “Affection”, “Respect”, and “Enjoy each other”. Whenever Jack or Jill feels like they are having an argument that could escalate, they agreed that either can “send up a FLARE”. That is a sign for them both to take a figurative step back, and take a moment to evaluate what’s involved in the dispute in light of what’s important to each of them.

I was so impressed with the simple elegance of this plan for resolving conflict that I asked Jack and Jill if I could share their plan with other mediators. They agreed, so I am sharing it with you!


A Different Type of Conflict Resolution?
By Ken Wildman

(The first is a series of articles by members concerning what we do when we are not mediating, whether or not it has anything to do with conflict resolution. Send your stories for future publication so we can learn more about our members. Editor)

My original training was in biological psychology with a second area of behavioral analysis. I started my teaching and research career during the Viet Nam war and quickly found that research support in the biological sciences was extremely limited. I re-focused my research and professional activities on behavioral analysis and behavior management. During a 34-year college teaching/administrative career I also provided consulting services in behavior modification ranging from children with disordered behaviors to general management consulting.

I had been interested in Conflict Resolution from a behavioral perspective for a number of years. I’ve also enjoyed, among other areas, the sport of Boxing. In 1997 I pursued my interests in both these areas by achieving certification in arbitration and a license to judge professional boxing events in Ohio.

Judging for the Ohio Boxing Commission has its own special rewards. You get in to events free, you have the best seat in the house (on a high stool at ringside), you get to decide who wins, and you are paid for your participation. For a sports fan it can’t get much better.

In 2000 I completed the circle through training in General and Divorce Mediation. Following retirement from my academic career I have been engaged in the private practice of mediation. The running joke among friends and associates is that I will take on conflict resolution at any level. I will mediate, arbitrate, or if nothing else works let the participants duke it out while I judge their performance. In reality, I prefer mediation because it sets mutually satisfying resolution as its target.

I have a number of other interests that keep me occupied. Gluttons for punishment or the terminally bored can visit my personal web page at: Http://


State Court Funding Crisis

In response to the escalating funding crises facing our state justice systems, the American Bar Association has launched a new initiative to help leaders of the bench and bar communicate the critical importance of adequate resources for courts. The ABA has long worked to strengthen and protect the justice system at both the federal and state levels. Of particular concern has been the continued independence of the judiciary, a value that is indispensable to our democratic republic. A large part of that independence lies in courts having consistent, adequate funding to deliver justice. As part of this initiative, the ABA has compiled a toolkit to serve as a resource for state and local bars and others addressing the challenges raised by current fiscal constraints. The toolkit, “State Court Funding Crisis,” is available on the ABA web site, at I hope that the resources offered in this toolkit will be of use to you as you communicate the urgency of adequate funding of state courts to policymakers, opinion leaders and your communities. We join with you to guarantee that our courts will continue to meet the needs of our communities and ensure justice for all. If you have any questions about the toolkit, please contact the ABA Justice Center by telephone at (312) 988-5147 or by email to Thank you for your interest. With all best wishes, Alfred P. Carlton, Jr. President, 2002-2003 American Bar Association

Monthly Presenters for OMA by Sandra Fredrick

I wanted to let the members of the Ohio Mediation Association aware that I will be coordinating the monthly presenters for our organization. I am very interested in any appealing presenters and if you feel you have a new program or approach that you would want to share with your peers it would be appreciated Please contact me with ideas as well The following are ways to contact me: Sandra Fredrick, (937) 225-4099 or I can be reached by e-mail at I look forward to hearing from you


New Members and Additions/Corrections to the Directory:

New and renewing members may send applications to OMA’s President Elect, Shirley Cochran at 2897 Liberty Bell Lane, Reynoldsburg OH 43068 Contact Shirley for membership applications or to provide updated addresses, phone numbers, etc, for OMA’s mailing lists and directory. A membership application can be sent electronically for your convenience or you can download it from the OMA website What follows is the list of all members, new and renewing as of August 21, 2003. If there is a correction or addition, please let Shirley know.

Name/Address Phone and/or e-mail Mediation Areas
Accord Mediation 

Marie E. Joecken

6738 Manchester Road

Clinton OH 44216

(330) 882-6444 

Fax (330) 882-6444

None listed
Kathy Anderson 

Licking Co. DR Mediation Prog.

75 Est Main Street

Newark OH 43055

(740) 349-6944 

Fax (740) 349-1485

Divorce, Other: never married, post decree custody visitation
Martha L. Antolik 

1424 Cole Court

Vandalia OH 45377

(937) 264-2336 

Fax (937) 264-0722

Family, employment & workplace issues
Jennifer E. Baader 

400 Carillion Drive

Springfield OH 45503

(937) 322-4680 

Fax (937) 323-3202

Business/Commercial, Other: Healthcare
Marie U. Bader Mediation Services 

157 Barnwood Drive, Suite 100

Edgewood KY 41017

(859) 380-2137

Family, Divorce Interpersonal, Neighbor/Comm., Juvenile, Bus/Comm.
Farley K. Banks 

Attorney at Law

311 E. Market St, Suite 201

PO Box 363

Lima OH 45802-0363

(419) 222-9933 

Fax (419) 222-9245

Family, Juvenile, Divorce
David Wade Peck 

Barron, Peck & Bennie, L.P.A.

1400 Fourth & Vine Tower

One West Fourth Street

Cincinnati OH 45202



Beech Acres 

c/o Marie Hill

6881 Beechmont Avenue

Cincinnati OH 45230-2093

(513) 231-6630 

(513) 231-3573

Family, Divorce, Juvenile
Corrine E. Bell 

278 S. Cleveland-Massillon Rd.

Akron OH 44333-3014

(216) 522-4794 

Fax (216) 522-7389


Other: Employment Discrimination
Vi Berlin 

Accent Mediation

864 Wallwood Drive

Copley OH 44321

(330) 666-9539 

(330) 668-9147

Family, Divorce, Neighbor/Comm., Juvenile, Labor, Bus./ Comm.
Better Business Bureau 

Faye E. Wenzlick

3103 Executive Parkway, #200

Toledo OH 43606

(419) 578-6000 

Fax (419) 578-6001

Other: Consumer/business, business/ business
Butler Co. Domestic Relations Court c/o Vickie Moreland 

315 High Street

Hamilton OH 45011

(513) 785-5372 

F (513) 785-5337

Family, Divorce
Stephen P. Calardo 

Calardo Mediation Service

5608 Harrison Avenue

Cincinnati OH 45248-2314

(513) 598-5000 

Fax (513) 598-5500

Neigh/Comm., Bus/ Comm., Environmental, Labor, Other: Tort, Insurance, Construction, Employment, Malpractice and other civil Disputes
Sheri Center 

Finding Common Ground

2850 E. Broad Street

Columbus OH 43209-1866

(614) 231-1855 

Fax (614) 864-1818

Family, Divorce
Center for Res. Of Disputes, Inc. c/o Jerry H. Lawson President 

8 West Ninth Street

Cincinnati OH 45202-2036

(513) 721-4466 

Fax (513) 721-3383

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Bus./Comm., Environmental, Labor, Other: Public Policy, Personal Injury, Employment, Medical Malpractice, Bankruptcy
Tonya Charles 

301 West Third Street, 2nd Fl.

Dayton OH 45422-4248

(937) 496-7745 

Fax (937) 225-5017

Divorce, Other: Custody
Jeffrey L. Chernin, Psy.D. 

35104 Euclid Ave., Suite 110

Willoughby OH 44094

(440) 951-9669 

Fax (440) 951-8117

Family Divorce Interpersonal Juvenile
Diane L. Chermely, JD 

945 Windham Court Suite 3

Boardman OH 44512

(330) 629-8882 

Fax (330) 726-5926


Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neighbor/Comm. Juvenile
Clermont County Common Pleas Court Mediation Office 

270 E. Main Street

Batavia OH 45103

(513) 732-7126 

Fax (513) 732-7390

Other: Common Pleas Court Civil Cases
Shirley Cochran 

2897 Liberty Bell Lane

Reynoldsburg OH 43068

(614) 863-2922 

Fax (614) 863-4775

Business/commercial, Other: Civil Court Cases
Community Mediation Service of Central Ohio c/o Shelley Whalen 

67 Jefferson Avenue

Columbus OH 43215

(614) 228-7191 

Fax (614) 228-7213


Family, Divorce Interpersonal, Neighbor/Comm. Juvenile, Bus/Comm. Environmental, Labor
Gina M. Crawford, PH.D. 

23818 Cliff Drive

Bay Village, Ohio 44140


440 617 0377

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal
Robert M. Curtis 

9261 Pekin Road

Novelty OH 44072

(440) 338-4923

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neighbor/Commun., Bus./ Comm.
Donna Dansker 

1319 Stonemill Court

Cincinnati OH 45215

(513) 821-0767 

Fax (513) 821-4089

Family, Divorce
Dan DeStephen, Center for Teaching and Learning Wright State University 

3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.

Dayton OH 45435

(937) 775-2067 

Fax (937) 775-3152

Phillip E. Dunfee 

1407 Morgan Bryan Dr.

Newark, Ohio 43055

740 366 3297 

fx. 740 745 1099

Family, Divorce, Christian
Claudia M. Dusseau, MA 

3681 Kennybrook Lane

Columbus OH 43220

(614) 457-1331

Fayette County Juvenile Court Mediation c/o Janet Morris, Coordinator 

110 East Court Street

Washington C.H. OH 43160

(740) 333-3569 

Fax (740) 333-3598

Family, Divorce, Neighbor/Comm., Juvenile, Other: Custody /Visitation, Truancy
Loretta J. Feller 

EEO Commission

21660 West Second St., #850

Cleveland OH 44113-1412

(216) 522-7678

Other: Labor
Theodore C. Fields 

301 W. Third Street, 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4248

(937) 225-4098 

Fax (937) 496-7443


Findlay Municipal Court 

PO Box 826

Findlay OH 45839

for Bachynski (?) NO INFO PROVIDED
Jeffrey A. Foland 

1032 Creek Road

Clarksville OH 45113

(937) 289-0119 

Fax (937) 383-2790

Divorce, Juvenile
Sandra Fredrick 

301 W. Third St., 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4248

(937) 225-4099 

Fax (937) 225-5017

Family, Divorce, Juvenile, Neigh/Comm.
Sandra Mendel Furman 

One Eastn Oval, Suite 500

Columbus OH 43219

(614) 416-5611 

Fax (614) 416-5770

Family, Juvenile, Business, Labor
Bill Gorga, Ph.D. 

Psychological Consultants

60 Messimer Drive

Newark OH 43055

(740) 522-2230 

F (740) 522-6230


Family, Divorce
Merle Graybill 

57 Avon Place

Athens OH 45701

(740) 593-6840

Interpersonal, Neigh/Comm.
Nancy R. Gregory 

Mont. Co. DR Court

301 W. 3rd Street, 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4248

(937) 225-4108 

Fax (937) 225-5017

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal
Guernsey County Common Pleas Court 

c/o Jeanette M. Moll

801 Wheeling Ave.

Cambridge OH 43725

(740) 432-9250 Family, Divorce Other: Civil
Hamilton County Auditor 

Dusty Rhodes

Administration Building

Cincinnati OH

Wendy Hawbaker 

25 West Jefferson Street

Jefferson OH 44047

(440) 576-3628

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neigh/comm. Juvenile, Business/com.
Debbie Heimberger 

PO Box 154

New Albany OH 43054

(614) 855-4268

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neigh/Comm., Juveinle, Bus./ Comm., Labor, Environmental
Kathleen P. Hoenie 

2227 Buckley Road

Columbus OH 43220-4613

(614) 457-3177 

Fax (614) 457-3177



Phyllis Hulewat 

ALR & Associates

23230 Chagrin Blvd. #350

Beachwood OH 44122

(216) 831-2900 

Fax (216) 831-4306

Family, divorce, interpersonal
Gail Ignatz-Hoover c/o Lorain County Common Pleas Court 

354 Second Street

Elyria OH 44035

(440) 323-5277 

Fax (440) 323-6711

Other: Lorain Co. Common Pleas Ct. Gen. Division
Joint Office of Citizen Complaints c/o Diane Welborn, Ombudsman 

15 E. Fourth Street, Suite 208

Dayton OH 45402

(937) 223-4613 

Fax (937) 228-1183

Other: Government Agencies and Nursing Homes
Anna Marie Katt 

2620 Douglas Drive

Zanesville OH 43701-0932

(740) 454-9842 

Fax (740) 454-9842

Family, Divorce, interpersonal, neigh/comm., municipal court
Knox County Court of Common Pleas Mediation Services c/o Rochelle R. Garver 

111 East High Street

Mount Vernon OH 43050

(740) 393-6817 

Fax (740) 393-5096


Family, Divorce, Other: Civil
Edward M. Krauss 

Dispute Resolution, Inc.

261 Lansing Street

Columbus OH 43206

(614) 444-5872

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neigh/Comm. Juvenile, Bus./Comm., Environmental, Labor, Other: Land Use, Economic Development
Leger, Beth 

301 W. Third St., 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4248

(937) 225-5412 

Fax (937) 496-7443

Lighthouse Mediation and Consulting Service c/o Mark A. Yajko, Esq. 

48938 Calcutta Smithferry Rd.

East Liverpool OH 43920

(330) 386-3640 

Fax (330) 385-7846

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal
Frank M. LoSchiavo 

Ohio University-Zanesville

1425 Newark Road

Zanesville OH 43701

(740) 588-1522 

(740) 453-6161

Neighborhood/ Community
Beverly Lowery 

6775 Meadow Creek Dr. #207

Columbus OH 43235-7980

(614) 792-7681



Cheryl Lowry 

Conflict Management Services

1500 W. 3rd Ave., Suite 126

Columbus OH 43212

(614) 488-4540 

Fax (614) 488-4530

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Bus./comm., Workplace
Lucas County DR Court 

c/o Denise Logan

429 N. Michigan Streeet, 4th Fl.

Toledo OH 43624-1692

(419) 213-6800

James P. Luton 

Attorney at Law

1448 Marion Waldo Road

Marion OH 43302

(740) 725-1131 

Fax (740) 725-9091


Family, Divorce
Christine L. Magee 

301 W. Third Street, 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4248

(937) 225-4063 

Fax (937) 496-7835

Leslie Martin c/o Smart Choices Mediaiton Service 

277 S. Kellner Road

Columbus OH 43209

(614) 237-9484 

Fax (614) 237-9484

Family, Divorce, Juvenile, Bus./ Comm.
Denise Herman McColley 

Henry & Fulton County Common Pleas Courts

PO Box 70

Napoleon OH 43545

(419) 592-5926 

Fax (419) 599-0803


Other: Consulting only-family, divorce, juvenile
John L. McElwee 

Attorney at Law

PO Box 42414

Cincinnati OH 45242-0414

(513) 984-1811 

Fax (513) 984-1812

Divorce, Bus./ Commercial
Martin D. McGinley 

9322 Ambershire Drive

Centerville, Ohio 45458 

937 439 4221



Terry E. McMenamin 

Mont. Co. DR Court

301 W. Third St, 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4248

(937) 496-7766 

Fax (937) 225-5017

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal
Mediation Services of Ohio 

Joseph R. Palmer

536 S. Third Street

Columbus OH 43215

(614) 228-5515 

Fax (614) 461-0066

Family, Divorce Interpersonal, Bus/Comm., Other: Religious Org.
Robert H. Monnaville 

163 N. Sandusky St., Suite 206

Delaware OH 43015

(740) 369-8900 

Fax (740) 369-8740

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neigh/Comm., Juvenile, Bus./ Comm., Labor, Other:Litigation
Frank Motz 

Beldon Office Tower Suite 804

4450 Belden Village Ave., NW

Canton OH 44718

(330) 492-4004

None listed
Joseph E. Natalie 

452 W. Lawndale Place

Zanesville OH 43701-3950

(740) 454-0811 

Fax (740) 453-1066

Family, Divorce Interpersonal, Juvenile
Nancy R. Nickey, Mediation Services of Franklin County 

5616 Hensel Woods Road

Gahanna OH 43230-1811

(614) 855-5233 

Fax (614) 855-5232

Family, Divorce Interpersonal, Labor
Ohio State University 

Moritz Law Library

55 West 12th Ave. Room 274A

Columbus OH 43210

(614) 292-7722 

F (614) 292-3202

Carole Hinchcliff

C. Eileen Pruett 

Supreme Court of Ohio

30 E. Broad Street, 35th Floor

Columbus OH 43215-3431

(614) 752-4700 

Fax (614) 466-6652

Bobbie Corley O’Keefe 

500 S. Front St., #860

Columbus OH 43230

(614) 228-0061 

Fax (614) 228-0087

Family, Divorce Interpersonal, Bus/Comm.
Nola Olinger 

Mont. Co. DR Court

301 W. 3rd Street, 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4248

(937) 225-4093 

Fax (937) 225-5017

Cris Olmstead, PCC, LSW 

301 W. 3rd Street, 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4248

(937) 496-6809 

Fax (937) 225-5017

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal
Patricia Sacha, M.Ed.LPCC 

541 Overlook Drive

Alliance OH 44601

(330) 823-3600 

Fax. (330) 823-3600

Family, Divorce Interpersonal, Neighbor/Comm.
Jay Patterson 

372 Oakland Park Avenue

Columbus OH 43214

(614) 447-8564 (H) 

(614) 228-7191

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, neigh/comm., bus./comm., nvironmental, labor
Plowshares, Inc. c/o Martha Green 

3436 County Road 959

Loudonville OH 44842

(419) 994-5884

Family, Divorce Juveinle, Other: Victim/ Offender, Child Protection
John Polanski, M.Ed. 

JCMP 25 W. Jefferson Street

Jefferson OH 44047

(440) 576-3239 

Fax (440) 576-4639

Family, Divorce Interpersonal, Neigh/Comm., Juvenile Other: Church, Gay & Lesbian DR
Remarkable Builders 

Belinda Ohlinger

4873 Chevy Chase Avenue

Columbus OH 43220-2816



Etta S. Royer 

160 Broadway Road

Enon OH 45323

(w) (937) 390-7940 (h) (937) 864-1833

Clark Co. Juvenile Ct.

Family, Divorce, Interersonal, Neigh/Comm., Bus./ Comm., Environment
Vivian T. Russell 

1504 Venice Drive

Columbus OH 43207

(614) 491-5597 

Fax (614) 491-3404

Family, Interpersonal, Juvenile
James J. Ryan 

Attorney and Mediator

880 Rue de la Paix

Cincinnati OH 45220

(513) 861-1544

Business/Commercial, Labor, Other: Litigated matters
Teddy C. Ryan, Jr. 

PO Box 129

Sebring OH 44672

(330) 938-9080 or 938-9340 Fax (330) 938-3425 Neigh/Comm., Bus./Comm. Environmental, Labor, Other: development
Nancy J. Savage 

5484 Fleetwood Drive NW

Canton OH 44718-1440

(330) 499-3069 

Fax (330) 499-0905

Family divorce, Interpersonal, neigh/comm., Juvenile, Bus./ comm., labor, Other: REDRESS
Cathy L. Saunders 

2182 Pine Knoll Avenue

Columbus OH 43229

(614) 899-1597 

Fax (614) 728-1899

Interpersonal, Labor
Earl A. Schory, II 

Attorney at Law

288 E. State Street

Salem OH 44460-2845

( 330 ) 337-3769 

Fax (330) 337-3384

Family Divorce
Seneca County Juvenile Court 

c/o Anne O’Mara

108 Jefferson Street

Tiffin OH 44883

(419) 447-4912 Ext. 22 Fax (419) 448-5060 Family
Susan E. Shostak, M.S. 

248 Pearl Avenue North

Lancaster OH 43130

(740) 681-1031 

Fax (740) 689-3631

Family, Divorce Intepersonal, Neigh/Comm., Juvenile, Other: Victim Offender Interagency, Workplace
Mary Shumard, LSW, CCDCI, FSICPP, Dr. Douglas Reed & Associates, Suite 201 

8859 Cincinnati-Dayton Road,

West Chester OH 45069

(513) 779-7400 

Fax (513) 779-7426

Family, Divorce Interpersonal, Other: Victim/ Offender, Church
Roger L. Sorey c/o Butler County Auditor Kay Rogers 

130 High Street

Hamilton OH 45011

(513) 887-3121 NO INFO PROVIDED
Brad Starkey 

Mediation Works, LLC

114 S. Walnut Street

Buxyrus OH 44820

(419) 562-4529 

F (419) 562-7626

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neigh/comm. Juvenile, Busi./ Comm. , Labor, Environmental
State Employment Relations Board c/o Edward E. Turner 

65 E. State Street 12th Floor

Columbus OH 43215

(614) 644-8716 

Fax (614) 466-3074

John H. Stroefer 

60 Franklin Street

Dublin OH 43017

(614) 889-0832

Interpersonal, Bus./Comm.
Leslie Swift, Ph.D. 

7654 Montgomery Road

Cincinnati OH 45236

(513) 791-8849 

Fax (513) 791-8873

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal
Elnora M. Upshaw 

1647 Deporres Drive

Columbus OH 43219

(614) 253-1482

Divorce, Juvenile, Business
Barbara Ann Venesy 

2741 Foxwood Drive

Akron OH 44333-2751

(330) 864-6060 

Fax (330) 864-6060

Family, Divorce Juvenile, Bus./ Comm., Other: Guardianship
Thomas J. Wahlrab 

Dayton Mediation Center

330 South Ludlow Street

Dayton OH 45402

(937) 333-2345 

Fax (937) 333-2366

Family, Interpersonal, Neigh/comm. Juvenile, Bus./comm..
Anne Wakefield 

PO Box 30186

Cincinnati OH 45230

(513) 624-6941 

Fax (513) 624-6941

Interpersonal, Neigh/Comm., Other: criminal, civil
Kenneth N. Wildman Positive Negotiations 

419 N. Johnson Street

Ada OH 45810

(410) 230-2563`kwildman

Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, environmental, neigh/comm. Juvenile
Linda Wilkins, Esq. 

2680 Southridge Drive

Columbus OH 43224

(614) 447-7050

Family, Divorce Interpersonal, Neigh./Comm.,Juvenile, Labor
Stephen E. Williams c/o Harmony Consulting 

237 Maple Street

Brookville OH 45309

(937) 833-6588 

Fax (937) 833-6588

Neigh/Comm., Juvenile
Marsha Willis, Mediation Coordinator Fayette County Common Pleas Court 

110 E. Court Street

Washington CH OH 43160

(740) 333-3501 

Fax (740) 333-3522

Family, Divorce, Neigh/Comm., Juvenile
Elizabeth A. Winner, LPCC, CCDCIII E 

1248 Nilles #8 PO Box 18667

Fairfield OH 45014

(513) 249-0015 

Fax (513) 829-2830


Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Juvenile
Joy Wish 

4406 County Road 55

Bellefountain OH 43311

(937) 592-8801 NOT LISTED
Robert N. Wistner, JD 

5650 Blazer Parkway Suite 100

Dublin OH 43017

(614) 734-8354 

Fax (614) 717-9586

Family, Divorce
Louann W. Wood 

AAL Mediation Services

6726 Main Street

Newtown OH 45244

(513) 271-2223 

Fax (513) 0615

Family, Divorce, intrepersonal
Yellow Springs Psychological Center c/o Aida Merhemic 

213 Xenia Avenue

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Settlement Negotiations’ Privilege Upheld by Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals by Shirley A. Cochran, JD. Although not a mediation case, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the privilege of settlement negotiations from a US District Court Case started in Akron. In The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company v Chiles Power Supply (No. 01-3873) 2003 FED App. 0197P (6th Cir.), the issue presented was whether statements made in furtherance of settlement are privileged and protected from third-party discovery. The Court of Appeals affirmed the decision of the District Court and found that they are. The District Court had presided over settlement negotiations and had admonished that all talks were to remain confidential. The negotiations were unsuccessful and the case went to jury verdict. At one point the Court ordered one party not to disclose anything further about the negotiations noting “that ‘the content of settlement discussions are always confidential’ and may never be disseminated, even after a case is closed.” The Court’s main reliance was on Rule 408 of the Federal Rules of Evidence (Ohio has basically the same rule for state courts), and cites to a case that was a mediation case, Affiliated Mfrs., Inc. v Aluminum Co. of Am., (3rd Cir. 1995), 56 F. 3d 521, at 526. That court stated “The integrity of the mediation process depends on the confidentiality of discussions and offers made therein.” [This case was brought to the author’s attention by an article by Molly McDonough in the ABA Journal E-report dated Thursday, July 3, 2003.]


The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Mediation Section of announces a new collection of articles on the cutting edge issue of Capacity to Mediate, three of them reprinted from the June 2003 issue of “Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation:” Kathleen Blank on the danger of narrowly identifying capacity to mediate as a disability issue. A recommended revision of the Model Standards of Conduct, submitted by the ADR Committee and the Committee on Legal Issues Affecting People with Disabilities of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, addressing the current bias that mediation capacity has a primary impact on people with disabilities. Timothy K. Hedeen on self-determination as a defining characteristics of mediation. Erica Wood on assuring that parties can understand the process and abide by the outcome. Patricia “Pattie” Porter on tools that mediators can use to help parties ensure their full participation in the mediation. Ellen Waldman on the difficult question of mediator responsibility when a surrogate appears to be pursuing a different agenda from the party. Please go to to read these compelling articles. Discussion of the articles, and further development of the ideas addressed, is welcome on this discussion list and on the ADA Mediation Forum. Judy Cohen, Editor ADA Mediation Section,


Networking & Resource Center for Mediation Program Managers — Build the Quality of Your Mediators The Keybridge Foundation, in collaboration with CRInfo and funded by the Hewlett Foundation, is pleased to announce the launch of the Clearinghouse for Mediation Program Managers website. This website will enable mediation program managers to network with other programs, share knowledge and expertise, and exchange information about current mediator management practices. Our focus is on assisting program managers as they create and manage rosters of mediators. Please visit the site at If you manage a roster, fill out our questionnaire of Mediation Program Roster Practices so that we can begin to collect data for the Clearinghouse. The data from many programs will in turn be helpful for you in developing or improving your own program. Whether the program serves a court system, community mediation center, state or federal agency, or private referrals, the Clearinghouse provides links, articles, and tools to support mediation program managers. Please direct feedback to


Newscaster Material: Please send material for the Newscaster by the 20th of the even numbered months to permit publication in the newsletter The next deadline is October 20, 2003 My address is 2897 Liberty Bell Lane, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 Phone/fax: (614) 863-4775 E-mail: Thanks, Shirley Cochran, Editor


Possible discussion topics? By Shirley Cochran, JD.

A recent case from the Ohio Court of Appeals in Sandusky County has raised some issues worthy of discussion in the OMA. The case is Bowden v Weickert, case number S-02-017 decided June 30, 2003. The facts arose as a result of a dispute over the sale of an insurance business. The contract of sale included an arbitration clause so the court referred the case to arbitration but the arbitrator attempted to mediate the dispute. The parties signed a handwritten mediation document in which they expressed their intent to reach a settlement with the belief that a final agreement would be fleshed out later but it became obvious that the final agreement was unreachable so the case went back to arbitration using the same individual who had been appointed in the first place. The arbitrator’s decision was a modification of the mediated agreement. One party filed to confirm the arbitration award and the other argued that the arbitrator had exceeded his authority by attempting to modify the mediation agreement which was beyond the scope of the arbitration agreement. As the lower court summarily affirmed the arbitration award, the party arguing that the arbitrator had exceeded the provided authority appealed to the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals agreed that the arbitrator had exceeded his authority in the case and the opinion provides a good discussion of arbitration, mediation, confidentiality in mediation, and med-arb in reaching the conclusion that none of the goals of alternative dispute resolution had been served. Many questions come to my mind about this case from what was the arbitrator thinking trying to mediate a case without a clear understanding with the parties as to what was going to happen after the mediation, using confidentially acquired information (during the mediation session) to fashion an arbitration award, or arbitrating a case after having mediated the case without trying to separate the information acquired during the mediation as opposed to the arbitration? Do we need some sort of mediation police to stop people from putting parties in this type of situation? Do we need certification and training to assure mediators understand the ethics involved in med-arb? Let’s get a discussion of these or other topics started. Contact me in writing so that the discussion can be printed in upcoming editions of the Newscaster.


Job Announcements: We have no announcements for this Newscaster, but there are some announcements that become available for the meetings Be sure to attend the meeting and check the Newscaster for openings we might receive notice of and if you have a position you would like to have listed, provide it by the deadline to the Editor

American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution Calendar of Events

October 9-10, 2003 – Third Annual Indian Tribes, Natural Resources and ADR Conference

Durango, CO Sponsored by The Environment and Natural Resources Committee For more information, contact Heather Sibbison at

November 13-14, 2003 – The Second Annual National Institute on Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Training Philadelphia, PA ABA Center for Continuing Legal Education:

February 7-8, 2004 – ABA Mid–Year Meeting/ DR Section Meetings San Antonio, Texas

Hilton Palacio del Rio (210)222-1400

April 15-17, 2004 – 6th Annual Section of Dispute Resolution Conference New York, New York Sheraton Hotels of New York, (212) 841-6490 Program Proposal Form:

August 6-8, 2004 – ABA Annual Meeting/ DR Section Programs & Meetings Atlanta, Georgia

For additional information on meetings, contact: American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, (202) 662-1687,, or check for updated schedules and information on upcoming meetings.



Basic Mediation Training with Marie Hill and Lou Ann Wood at Beech Acres Mediation Center, Sept. 25-26, 2003 and January 29-30, 2004.  To register or receive a brochure, e-mail Marie at or call 513-231-6630.

Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio and the Columbus Bar Association present Basic Mediation Training September 16 & 17, or November 12 & 13, 2003, or February 4 & 5 or April 14 & 15, 2004; 40 Hour Domestic Mediation Training October 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 2003, or May 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 2004. Presenter Shelley Whalen, LSW, Executive Director of CMS and a past president of OMA Schedule 8:30 AM-6:00 PM, Training site 91 Jefferson Avenue, Columbus OH, the Thurber Center CLE and CEU’s Contact CMS (614) 228-7191 or Fax: (614) 228-7213 Mailing address: 67 Jefferson Avenue, 2nd Floor, Columbus OH 43215.


Capital University Law School Center for Dispute Resolution

· Basic Mediation and Advanced Mediation Training Information Center for Dispute Resolution, Capital Law School, 303 E Broad Street, Columbus OH 43215-3200, Phone (614) 236-6430/ Fax (614) 236-6956 CDR Directors include Roberta S Mitchell and Scot E Dewhirst, Co-Directors of the Center, and Terrence T Wheeler, Executive Director of the Center


Conflict Management Services

Presenters Cheryl M Lowry, Ph D, Robert N Wistner, JD, Leslie Martin, BA, and Kenneth T Davis, BA Contact Cheryl (614) 488-4540, Suite 126, 1500 W Third Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212 E-mail: cms@iwaynetnet Website: Basic Mediation: Sept. 4-5, 2003; Divorce Mediation: Sept. 10-12 & 18-19, 2003.


ACR Conferences: Association for Conflict Resolution (a merged organization of AFM, CREnet and SPIDR) 1527 New Hampshire Ave, NW Washington, DC 20036 Tel: 202-667-9700 Fax: 202-265-1968 E-mail: Web: ACR’S THIRD ANNUAL CONFERENCE The World of Conflict Resolution: A Mosaic of Possibilities October 15-18, 2003 Orlando, Florida USA Register on-line or review the extensive list of workshops and seminars via the website.


MEDIATION TRAINING & CONSULTATION INSTITUTE ANNOUNCES 40 HOUR DIVORCE AND CUSTODY MEDIATION TRAININGS (Mich., PA, IL) December 3-5 and 9-10, 2003 Ann Arbor, Michigan Faculty: Zena D. Zumeta, J.D., and associates “The best training in the field of mediation that I’ve been to!” Michigan Participant, 2002 To register or for more information, call 1-800-535-1155 or (734) 663-1155 or visit the MTCI website at Register one month prior to session start date and receive an early registration discount.


Interaction 2004 – Canada’s largest conflict resolution conference. Next year around this time, we hope to warmly welcome you to Kitchener-Waterloo on June 2-5, 2004 for Interaction 2004 – Canada’s largest conflict resolution conference! At Interaction 2004, we will celebrate the struggles and triumphs of 30 years of conflict resolution in Canada. Inspiring keynote speakers, ground-breaking workshops and an outstanding conference ambiance make this another “must attend” conference of Conflict Resolution Network Canada! In the heartland of Ontario, you will experience special events like “Oktoberfest in June,” an outdoor “Plenary in the Park,” an Aboriginal Drama and Art Exhibit, the world famous Kitchener Farmer’s Market and a star studded Peace and Music Gala at Kitchener City Hall. While in the area, take a short drive to the world renowned Stratford Festival Theatre, Niagara Falls, or visit the charming village of St. Jacobs. A “Call for Proposals” for workshop presenters will go out in September 2003. We’ll keep you posted as we develop our full roster of speakers and events. Conflict Resolution Network Canada Réseau pour la Résolution de Conflits Canada Conrad Grebel University College, University of Waterloo Waterloo, ON N2L 3G6 Phone: (519) 885-0880  Fax: (519) 885-0806 Web site:


Web Sites of Interest:

Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management:


Ohio Mediation Association:


Ohio State Bar Association:


The Conflict Resolution Master of Arts degree program at Antioch University/McGregor School


The Academy of Management, Conflict Management Division has their new newsletter on-line at


“Addressing the Redress: A Discussion of the Status of the United State’s Postal Service’s Transformative Mediation Program” by Professor Lisa B Bingham, Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs Cardozo On-Line Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol 2, 2001, Go to Publications, then On Line Journal, Current Volumes, Volume 2 No 2, and Symposia and it is the first article




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