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September 2001

By January 9, 2001Newsletter

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A Bi-Monthly Publication September, 2001

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Mark your calendars for more of our Year 2000-2001 meetings:

All meetings to be held at 11:00 AM at the MCL Cafeteria at Westerville and Schrock Roads in Westerville until further notice: (Directions on back page.)

October 5, 2001 : The status of the Uniform Mediation Act. The Ohio State Bar Association’s Bill Weisenberg will join us for a discussion of the rights and responsibilities of OMA under the UMA. Bill is a former Commissioner of the Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management and a friend to all dispute resolution programs. By this meeting, the vote of the Uniform Commissioners will have been taken. In addition, the Commission is calling a meeting on October 3 rd from 11:30 AM-1:30 PM with Nancy Rogers, new Dean of the OSU School of Law, Recorder for the UMA and one of the Uniform Commissioners for Ohio. Those interested in attending this meeting should contact the Commission directly by September 28 th at (614) 752-9595. Get some of the most informed people’s perspectives on what the UMA means to Ohio and the OMA and its members in particular.

December 7, 2001 : TBA

February 1, 2002: TBA

April 5, 2002 : Annual Meeting TBA

President’s Corner
by Wendy Hawbaker

In July, the Executive Committee met for its annual half-day meeting to regroup, reorient and look at goals and objectives for the upcoming year.   This year we focused on a couple of very important areas.  First, we decided that a review of the OMA bylaws was in order.   We want to propose revisions to fit with the present realities of our organization.  We are in the process of conducting that review, and the proposed changes will be offered to the membership in the near future for comment and a vote.

Secondly, we looked at the critical issues facing the mediation community in Ohio and nationally (the Uniform Mediation Act, credentialing, matters surrounding professional background and defining quality mediation are a few of these).   Recognizing that the OMA is an organization formed to “promote the development of excellence in the practice of mediation….” our group has a responsibility to mediation, to mediators and to the public to weigh in on these evolving concerns.  We agreed that it was appropriate for the OMA to take a proactive role in the evolution of the field.  The practice of mediation is evolving at an extremely rapid pace.  If we as mediators fail to act now, we will loose control of the development of our own profession.

In order to effectively address our responsibility we intend to tap the resources and talents of mediators throughout the state to build a broader base of professionals to weigh in on these issues. To that end, we will be convening groups throughout Ohio, staffed by a member of the Executive Committee and scheduled for a convenient time and place, to share experience and concerns about matters that affect our profession. Holding these meetings in various locations of the state will allow for more accessibility to our members and to non-member mediators who want to have a voice in the

development of our field. This regional presence will also help us to identify needs specific to mediators and mediation consumers in various regions of Ohio.

Recognizing the value of our bimonthly luncheon meetings (held during the even-numbered months) as an opportunity to network and hear from presenters, we are also aware that more frequent meetings will be necessary to accomplish the goal we’ve set out.  To accomplish this, our regional meetings will be held during the odd-numbered months and will focus on more “business/action” oriented discussions.

In order to carry out this plan we are asking our members and other interested mediators for their participation and comment.  We are also looking for groups and individuals throughout the state who are interested in molding the future of mediation.  Please contact any member of the Executive Committee to discuss this important work. We look forward to hearing from you and to working towards our goals with your help.

Vice President’s Request for Principals of Mediation Providers
Vice president Bridget Durham is asking for copies of your organization’s principals or mission statement in the provision of Mediation Services. In deciding what is mediation; what it should look like, it was suggested at the last meeting that we collect these aspirational statements from those who have taken the time to put serious thought into what it is we do. Bridget said she would be the clearinghouse for these statements and would then use them to assist OMA in providing an overall statement of what we believe mediation should be. Bridget’s information is at the top of the newsletter to contact her by phone, fax or e-mail.

Dispute Resolution Magazine
The American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution has a quarterly magazine full of articles of interest to all who are involved with dispute resolution, not just mediation. In the Spring 2001 issue, the focus was on Dispute Resolution Ethics. Check this edition out as a great starting place for some of the discussions OMA is interested in starting statewide and in the regional meetings. The ABA Section is open to non-attorney members. For those interested, contact the Section at 740 15 th Street, NW, Washington DC 20005 (202) 662-1680, or for non-member subscription at $30 per year, (312) 988-5522 or e-mail at

When you signed up for the Annual Conference did you conveniently send in your $35 annual dues for the 2001-2002 year? If not, please complete the Membership Application that has been mailed to you so we have accurate, updated information, or contact Martha for an application by e-mail attachment or snail mail.

New Members and Additions/Corrections to the Directory:

New and renewing members may send applications to OMA’s secretary, Martha Antolik. Her address is 520 Linton Court, Dayton, OH 45430. She can also be reached at (937) 429-9974, (937) 429-8841 FAX, and Contact Martha for membership applications or to provide updated addresses, phone numbers, etc., for OMA’s mailing lists and directory. A revised membership application can be sent electronically for your convenience.


Jean Binkovitz, J.D.
193 E. Whittier Street
Columbus, OH 43206

Kenneth T. Davis
P.O. Box 636
Marysville, OH 43040
937/645-3159 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Juvenile, Neighbor/Community, Business/Commercial, Victim-Offender

Belinda Ohlinger
4873 Chevy Chase Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neighbor/Community, Business/Commercial

David Wade Peck, Esq.
Barron, Peck, Bennie &Katz
1400 Fourth & Vice Tower, 1 W. 1 st Street
Cincinnati, 45202
513/731-8311 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neighbor/Community, Business/Commercial, Civil litigation

Nancy Savage
5484 Fleetwood Dr., NW
Canton, OH 44718
330/499-0905 FAX

Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Juvenile, Business/Commercial, Intgerpersonal, Labor, Neighbor/Community

Susan Shostak
248 Pearl Avenue North
Lancaster, OH 43130
740/689-3831 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Workplace, Neighbor/Community, Inter-Agency

New Members:

Janice D. Bishop
1931 Dale Road
Cincinnati, OH 45237
513/281-1645 FAX

Jacqueline Joiner
1937 Fairfax Street
Cincinnati, OH 45204
513/221-6881 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce

Robert M. Nagle, Ph.D.
2818 Chapel Hill Drive
Lima, OH 45805
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Juvenile, Business/Commercial

Dr. M. Douglas Reed and Associates
C/o Mary L. Shuman, LSW, CCDCI, FSICPP
8857 Cincinnati-Dayton Road
West Chester, OH 45069
513/779-7426 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neighbor/Community, Business/Commercial

Christopher A. Walker, J.D.
Stillwater Mediation Services
830 Xenia Avenue
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
937/767-2397 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neighborhood/Community, Business/Commercial,

Public policy
Albert L. Watson
8950 Daly Road
Cincinnati, OH 45231
513/556-3848 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Business/Commercial, Labor,

Issues of persons with disabilities
Elizabeth Ann Winner
POB 18667
1246 Nilles Rd., #4
Fairfield, OH 45018
513/829-2830 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Juvenile

Bernard S. Winnick, Attorney at Law
1653 Merriman Rd., Suite 109
Akron, OH 44313-5287
330/869-8113 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Business/Commercial, Labor

A Mediate Solution
C/o Bryan Loveless
793 South 5 th Street
Columbus, OH 43206
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Business/Commercial, Environmental, Labor, Medical

Bridge Consulting
C/o Romona Inskeep, CEOAreas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neighborhood/Community, Juvenile, Business
Cheryl Burger Evans, Ph.D.
551 Foliage Lane
Springboro, OH 45066
937/529-4127 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce

Tracey Kokumo, J.D
Director of Mediation Programs and Services, Hamilton County Juvenile Court
800 Broadway, Floor 6
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1332
513/852-3933 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neighborhood/Community, Juvenile, Church

Michael Kutsick
1801 East 12 th Street, #1403
Cleveland, OH 44114
Areas of Practice: family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Neighborhood/Community, Business/Commercial

Barbara McManus
203 Lafayette Circle
Cincinnati, OH 45220
513/241-2399 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Divorce, Interpersonal, Juvenile

Heather Morton
Preble County Juvenile Court
Court House, 2 nd Floor
Eaton, OH 45320
937/456-3602 FAX
Areas of Practice: Juvenile

Elizabeth R. Murray, Esq.
2200 PNC Center
201 E. 5 th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
513/651-6981 FAX

Joseph E. Natalie
452 W. Lawndale Place
Zanesville, OH 43701-3950
740/453-1066 FAX
Areas of Practice: Family, Interpersonal, Neighborhood/Community, Juvenile, Business/Commercial

Editorial Comment by Shirley Cochran, J.D. As Editor of the Newscaster, I am taking advantage of the forum and would encourage others to do the same by writing a short article for the OMA membership on anything touching our experiences as mediators. The recent Ohio Supreme Court case of Campbell v. Burton (2001), 92 Ohio St. 3d. 336, bothers me quite a bit. In this case, a teacher who had information concerning possible child abuse did not report it and when the child was further harmed by the abuse, the parents sued the teachers, school, and school district. The ruling on the case concerned personal liability for those who have a reporting duty when they do not report, and as such, would not have bothered me as a mediator, except for how the teacher found out about the alleged abuse—it was during a mediation session at which the teacher served as mediator. There was no discussion of the mediation privilege statute, although it would not have applied as it has an exception for reporting mandatory reporting issues, but it was not mentioned at all. In being torn between Supreme Court opinions that do not mention matters extraneous to the decision and the opportunity for the Supreme Court to have reaffirmed that the mediation privilege statute worked in this situation as an example of one of the statutory waivers, I am not sure why I am so upset about this case. Perhaps it is an irrational need to have the statute for which I have had the most passion in a long time mentioned when appropriate, especially when this was a perfect example of how it should work to not make the discussion confidential when the highest court in the state has that opportunity. I suppose not mentioning it is better than it being mentioned in the wrong context or interpreted in a way I feel is inappropriate, but it still was of concern to me and for that reason, I thought I would bring it to your attention.

Uniform Mediation Act
Executive Summary

The Uniform Mediation Act (UMA) promotes the increasingly important use of mediation as an appropriate means of dispute resolution, while also protecting the rights of participants in the mediation processes.

It will strengthen existing state laws and court rules by providing a strong mediation privilege that permits the parties, mediator, and non-party participants to prevent the use of mediation communications in legal proceedings that take place after the mediation. This privilege is consistent with the current trend of state law protections for mediation, and if adopted uniformly, will assure that mediation communications in one state will not be subject to admissibility in another state

Scope: The protections of the Act will be available to mediation participants in almost all mediations in which the parties agreed to mediation or are directed into mediation by a court or other governmental entity. The only mediations that the Act will not apply to are those involving labor unions, student peer mediations, and judicial settlement conferences.

The Mediation Privilege: As a general matter, anyone who participates in a mediation will be able to prevent the statements they make from being used against them in later legal proceedings. (Sections 5-7). Under the UMA, statements made in mediation are treated as inadmissible in much the same way that the law in most states bars the use of statements made to attorneys, doctors, and priests.

The UMA mediation privilege applies to bar the use of mediation communications in a wide range of proceedings that take place after the mediation, including civil and criminal trials, arbitrations, administrative hearings, and legislative proceedings. (Section 3(8))

There are only limited exceptions to this general rule, for example to permit disclosures of threats of bodily harm, reports of abuse and neglect, and to establish that a mediation was used as a pretext to further a crime. (Section 7(a)) To ensure the integrity of the mediation process, there are also limited exceptions that would permit a judge to admit mediation communications into evidence to establish that a mediated settlement agreement was induced by fraud or duress, or that the mediator engaged in professional malpractice or misconduct. (Section 7(b))

Relatedly, the Act further bars mediator disclosures to courts, administrative agencies, and other government entities. (Section 8 (a)-(c))

Party Accompaniment: The Act provides parties with the ability to be accompanied by a friend, family member, or lawyer, which is particularly important when a party is compelled into a mediation by a court or other governmental entity. (Section 9)

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest: To further the integrity of the process, the UMA also includes optional model provisions for requiring the disclosure of conflicts of interest by a mediator and compelling a mediator’s disclosure of qualifications when asked. (Section 8(d)-(f)).

The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws will review the final draft in August 2001. If approved by the full Conference, the proposed legislation will be forwarded to the American Bar Association for approval by the ABA House of Delegates in February 2001. If approved by the Conference and the ABA, the Act will be forwarded to individual states for adoption.

The Ohio Task Force on Family Law and Children issued its report entitled “Family Law Reform: Minimizing Conflict, Maximizing Families” but it would be prohibitive to provide to our members, even figuring the cost for the member who might want a copy. It represents both what the recommendations of the task force are in terms of such things as developmentally-appropriate parenting plans and usage of Guardians Ad Litem by various courts, and some statistics of what the task force found in response to a survey of domestic relations courts in all 88 counties in Ohio. If anyone is interested in a copy of the report, it is suggested that you contact the Task Force directly or Wendy Hawbaker for the information.

On-Line Database for Court-Related ADR I am pleased to announce a new resource for the ADR field: an on-line, searchable database of resources on court-related ADR. The database, which was created by the Center for Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems (CAADRS) can be accessed starting today at Click on “Resource Center.”

So far the database includes information on more than 1,000 items including books, articles, web sites, laws, organizations, programs, etc. It covers subjects from certification and program design to confidentiality and evaluation. While we didn’t evaluate each entry, we did annotate them and include information on how to access each one. Visitors to the site can decide for themselves which ones they want to get. We’re posting this notice not only so that you can make use of the database, but also so that you can suggest additions and give us other feedback on the database. Email us at Just keep in mind that the focus is on court-related ADR, so that might explain why your favorite resource isn’t there. Please pass this along to anyone who is interested in court-related ADR and excuse the cross-posting. Thanks for your help. We’ll look forward to hearing from you. Susan M. Yates

Executive Director Center for Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems Chicago, IL

Newscaster Material: Please send material for the Newscaster by the 20 th of the even numbered months to permit publication in the newsletter. The next deadline is October 20, 2001. My address is 2897 Liberty Bell Lane, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. Phone/fax: (614) 863-4775. E-mail: Thanks, Shirley Cochran, Editor .

Job Announcements: Although we have some announcements for this Newscaster, there are some announcements that also become available for the meetings. Be sure to attend the meeting and check the Newscaster for openings we might receive notice of and if you have a position you would like to have listed, provide it by the deadline to the Editor.

Job Posting for a Mediator for Juvenile Court—Victim Offender and working with the police department. Hours are Monday through Friday from 4:00 PM until 11:00 PM. Send resume or call Monica Brown, 101 E. Columbus Street, Springfield OH 45502 (937) 328-2626.

The Truancy Mediation Program, managed by the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management, with support from the Ohio Supreme Court’s Office of Dispute Resolution Programs, is expected to grow dramatically from the present seven counties to fourteen or more in the coming year.  Clark County is one of these, but although their affiliation with the State program is new they have had a successful program for three years, and have experienced mediators on staff.  However, other counties will be needing trained mediators, especially those with Truancy Mediation Experience. Joining, or considering doing so, are Miami, Preble, Holmes, Greene, Sandusky, Cuyahoga, Hancock, and Portage Counties.  For further information please contact Ed Krauss at 614 752 9681 or Bruno Romero at 614 752 4700.

Chief Executive Officer Association for Conflict Resolution Washington, DC (Dupont Circle area) Executive management Full time Salary:$90,000 – $105,000 DOE Respond to: Description: The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) seeks to hire a Chief

Executive Officer to lead a dynamic new organization created by the merger of the Academy of Family Mediators (AFM), the Conflict Resolution Education Network (CREnet) and the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR).  Successful candidates for this position will have significant experience as administrators of medium to large professional or not-for-profit organizations, with special emphasis on membership associations, experience in working with policy Boards of Directors, and evidence of a commitment to equity and diversity in their professional lives. Education and/or experience in the field of conflict resolution is highly desirable, but not required. Expertise in managing in a collaborative, team-oriented culture is required. The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization, including supervision of staff, budget and programs. ACR has the goal of becoming the leading conflict resolution organization in North America while seeking also to reach out to practitioners throughout the world, as well as to work collaboratively with other conflict resolution organizations in North America and around the world. As a membership organization, ACR seeks to enhance the growth and development of its members as practitioners, educators, trainers and researchers in the field of conflict resolution. As a professional organization, ACR seeks to advance the public’s understanding of conflict resolution through its publications and public education initiatives. More information about ACR can be found at . ACR offers an excellent salary and comprehensive benefits. The salary range for this position is $90,000 to $105,000, depending on the successful candidate’s credentials, qualifications, and relevant experience. Please send an electronic copy of your application and resume to Dan DeStephen, Chair of the Search Committee, at . Questions about this position can be directed to either Daniel Bowling ( ; phone 202-667-9700 ext. 209) or Dan DeStephen ( ; phone 937-775-2067). This position will remain open until filled, but the first review of candidates will occur in early September. Association for Conflict Resolution (a merged organization of AFM, CREnet and SPIDR) 1527 New Hampshire Ave, NW, Third Floor Washington, DC 20009 Phone: 202-667-9700

Email: Web:

Postdoctoral Fellowships University of Michigan at Ann Arbor POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS Michigan Society of Fellows postdoctoral fellowships program is offering three-year fellowships at the University of Michigan to begin September 2002. Annual stipend will be $42,000. Application postal deadline: October 5, 2001. No email applications accepted. Information and applications are available online at, or by writing: Society of Fellows 3030 Rackham Building University of Michigan 915 E Washington Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1070

Communication Specialist, Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

CPR Institute Seeks Senior Staff: The CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, formerly the Center for Public Resources, a non-profit alliance of leading corporations, law firms, public institutions, judges and scholars, seeks one or more senior staff members to (1) develop and work with our member base; (2) expand and encourage greater use of our publications, consulting and training programs, and panels; (3) secure grant funding. CPR is a prime mover in the evolution of private and public conflict management, bringing legal, academic and institutional leaders together, setting standards, and creatively advancing ADR theory and practice. The CPR Pledge, signed on behalf of more than 4,000 institutions, was a major contributor to cultural change. CPR has developed an extraordinary range of tools including state-of-the-art books and monographs; guidance for innovative problem-solving within companies, courts and law firms; videotapes describing process choices; readily adaptable rules and procedures, with commentary; a high-profile awards program that rewards outstanding scholarship and practical achievement; a widely-read periodical, Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation; and conferences, workshops and training programs exploring theory and practice. CPR has accomplished all of these things because its broad, diverse membership including corporate general counsel, senior lawyers at leading firms, and outstanding scholars. At the same time, it has succeeded in establishing a reputation as a convener and leader in the pursuit of excellence, integrity and constructive evolution in conflict management. In recent years, CPR has spearheaded a number of Public Policy projects such as the CPR/Georgetown Commission on Ethics, the CPR Judicial Project (in conjunction with the Federal Judicial Center), the CPR Commission on the Future of Arbitration, and the CPR Project on Problem Solving and Legal Education. Qualifications

CPR seeks expressions of interest from persons having some or all of these attributes: Experience. CPR staff members typically bring with them experience in a law firm, corporate legal department, court, or agency; counseling, drafting, advocacy and service as a mediator or arbitrator are all relevant, as is experience with international and online transactions. Pertinent educational credentials, such as teaching experience or a graduate degree in conflict resolution or conflict management from a recognized institution, may also be beneficial. Communication skills; ability to work with various constituencies. CPR staff perform a variety of tasks that demand excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to organize and work independently with multi-disciplinary groups of leaders from business, law, academia and the public sector. Creativity and commitment to advancing the field. CPR staff tend to be distinguished by the ability to see and understand future opportunities and trends in conflict management, including international and online opportunities. They are also committed to fully exploiting the possibilities of interest-based negotiation, mediation and other approaches to conflict inside and outside the court system, but also recognize their limitations. Finally, they understand the need to set standards of excellence in conflict management, and CPR’s unique leadership role. Business development skills. CPR has an immediate need for a staffer with proven skills in grant-making, administration, member development, marketing, or strategic planning, or experience in assisting entrepreneurial growth and development for an organization. All CPR staff members work out of CPR’s offices in New York City. Salary and benefits are highly competitive and commensurate with experience. Interested persons are encouraged to fax, mail or e-mail their particulars, in strictest confidence, to my assistant, Bonnie, at fax: 212/949-6490, or e-mail: . Thomas J. Stipanowich

President CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution 366 Madison Avenue New York, N.Y. 10017


Capital University Law School Center for Dispute Resolution

Basic Mediation and Advanced Mediation Training Information Center for Dispute Resolution, Capital Law School, 303 E. Broad Street, Columbus OH 43215-3200, Phone (614) 236-6430/ Fax (614) 236-6956 CDR Directors include Roberta S. Mitchell and Scot E. Dewhirst, Co-Directors of the Center, and Terrence T. Wheeler, Executive Director of the Center. Title/Location/Date/Time/Credits/Cost*) Negotiating Insurance Claims: Strategies & Skills/Columbus/Sept. 14/9:00 – 4:00/5.25 CLE/$150/$175; Basic Mediation/Cleveland/Sept. 10 – 11/8:30 – 5:00/13.5 CLE/$395/$440; Managing Adult Conflict in Early Childhood Programs/Columbus/Oct. 4 – 5/8:30 – 4:30/TBA/$300/$350; Intensive Mediation/Columbus/Oct. 22 – 26/8:30 – 5:00/34.0 CLE/$750/$805; Basic Mediation/Columbus/Oct. 22 – 23/8:30 – 5:00/13.5 CLE/$350/$395; Becoming A More Effective Mediator/Columbus/Oct. 24/8:30 – 5:00/7.0 CLE/$150/$175; Negotiation: The Building Block of Dispute Resolution/Columbus/Oct. 25/8:30 – 5:00/7.0 CLE/$150/$175; Succeeding in the Business of Mediation/Columbus/Oct. 26/8:30 – 12:00/3.25 CLE$75/$100; Mediation Ethics: Avoiding the Hidden Pitfalls/Columbus/Oct. 26/1:30 – 5:00/3.25 CLE/$75/$100; Handling Workplace Conflicts: Strategies & Skills/Columbus/Nov. 13 – 14/8:30 – 4:30/12.5 CLE/$300/$350; Divorce Mediation/Columbus/Dec. 3 – 7/8:30 – 6:00/40.0 CLE/$750/$805; Basic Mediation/Columbus/Dec. 12 – 13/8:30 – 5:00/13.5 CLE/$350/$395.* Early Bird registration rates are listed first. Early Bird rates apply when a registration form and payment (check, credit card, or purchase order) are received six weeks prior to the scheduled training.

Conflict Management Services

Presenters Cheryl M. Lowry, Ph D., Paula Trout, MA, JD, and Kenneth T. Davis, BA of Union County’s Victim-Offender Mediation Program. Contact Cheryl (614) 488-4540, Suite 126, 1500 W. Third Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212 E-mail: Website:

Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio and The Columbus Bar Association present Basic Mediation Training September 12 & 13, or November 14 & 15, 2001 and February 6 & 7, 2002, plus the 40 hour Domestic Mediation Training October 3, 4, 10-12, 2001, and April 11, 12, 17-19, 2002. For more information or registration brochure, contact Michelle at CMS, 80 Jefferson Avenue, Columbus OH 43215, phone (614) 228-7191 or fax (614) 228-7213

Free arbitrator training for qualified persons who would like to serve as an arbitrator for the BBB AUTO LINE program. The Council of Better Business Bureaus is offering free arbitrator training for qualified persons who would like to serve as an arbitrator for the BBB AUTO LINE program. Trainees must be either attorneys or persons with prior experience as an arbitrator. BBB AUTO LINE is a national program administered by the Better Business Bureau system and provides both mediation and arbitration – at no cost to the consumer — for vehicle warranty disputes. BBB AUTO LINE arbitration hearings are held at Better Business Bureau locations around the country. The parties participate in person and/or by telephone, and hearings average less than two hours. We ask arbitrators to hear up to two cases per month at a location convenient to the arbitrator’s home or place of work. Arbitrators receive an honorarium of $100 for each BBB AUTO LINE case heard. Training for certification as a BBB AUTO LINE arbitrator consists of one short evening session followed by a day-long session. The training sessions are largely interactive, and provide an opportunity to practice and enhance arbitrator skills. Continuing Legal Education credits are requested for the training in a number of states. A schedule of upcoming trainings can be found at An application for those interested in becoming a BBB AUTO LINE arbitrator can be found at For more information, you may also write to Annette Lee, Council of Better Business Bureaus, 4200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 800, Arlington, VA 22203 (703.247.9374) or contact her at The Better Business Bureau offers the opportunity for those with a commitment to alternative dispute resolution to further that commitment through service to your local community as a BBB AUTO LINE arbitrator. We look forward to hearing from you. Alan L. Cohen, Deputy General Counsel, Council of Better Business Bureaus, 4200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 800,

Arlington, VA 22203 703.247.9363 (phone) 703.276.0634 (fax)

The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland is offering a 15 hour workshop on Mediating from a Gestalt Perspective the weekend of Sept 28, 2001.  The workshop will start on Friday evening and will end on Sunday afternoon.  I am presenting this workshop along with Sally Higgenbottom, a mediator from Boston who was a collegaue with me in GIC’s program on organizational development.  The workshop will be highly experiential and will use the gestalt cycle of experience as a framework for approaching mediation.  It

offers a “how to” approach for doing what we ‘re told we’re to do as mediators. The workshop is open to mediators and others interested in or practicing dispute resolution processes. More information about this workshop and the Institute can be found at the GIC website. Here is a link to the site:”>Gestalt Institute of Cleveland On-Line Ann Begler, Begler Group, 945 Liberty Avenue, #7, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, 412-391-4000

Basic Mediation Training with Marie Hill and Lou Ann Wood 12 hours Thursday and Friday: September 13-14 2001 or Thursday and Friday: January 31 – February 1, 2002. Divorce and Family Mediation Training John McElwee, JD and Marie Hill, MEd – 40 hours October 24-25-26, 29-30, 2001 or

March 13-14-15, 18-19, 2002. Cincinnati, OH – CLE’s and CEU’s available. e-mail Marie Hill at or call 513-231-6630 for a brochure.

AFCC Northeast Regional Conference, New York City, September 13-15, 2001, New Yorker Hotel. High Conflict Families and the Courts, an International Showcase. Registration by August 6, 2001 to insure your name appears in the conference list. Contact AFCC, 6515 Grand Teton Place, Suite 210, Madison WI 53719-1048, Phone (608) 664-3750.

Georgetown University Law Center/ Hewlett Fellowship in Conflict Resolution and Legal Problem Solving Announcement. The Georgetown University Law Center will begin offering, with the support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, an LL.M. degree program in Conflict Resolution and Legal Problem Solving in 2001. There will be one Fellow chosen each year for a two year fellowship program designed to prepare the Fellow for a career in scholarship, teaching and practice in the field of dispute resolution, including conflict resolution and legal problem solving in such areas as general domestic litigation, environment, international, public interest and public policy, corporate, intellectual property or other areas of interest to the Fellow and faculty. The Fellow will begin by assisting in course instruction in current Georgetown offerings in Dispute Resolution, including Negotiation, Mediation, Multi-Party Dispute Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution (survey) (seminar) and (policy), including some clinical supervision in a planned Mediation clinical offering, taking relevant substantive courses in the

field of the Fellow=s interest and then will develop and teach his/her own courses in the field. The Fellow will be expected to complete an LL.M thesis of publishable quality to contribute to the advancement of the field of conflict resolution and legal problem solving. Application should be made by letter, with accompanying resume, writing sample, official law school transcript and statement of research and

teaching interests, to Professor Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Georgetown University Law Center, 600 New Jersey Ave., N.W., Washington, DC. 20001-2095. Candidates should have exceptional academic credentials, preferably including publication and strong research interests, law school courses in negotiation or dispute resolution, some social science, and some relevant experience in dispute resolution (including litigation, negotiation, mediation, public policy consensus building, ombuds, or equivalent

experience). Applicants should be prepared to begin at the beginning of a semester, either August 30, 2001 or January 7, 2002. Acceptance will be highly competitive. The second Fellowship will begin July 1, 2002. Fellows will receive a stipend of $35,000 (taxable) per annum, plus all tuition and fees in the LL.M program. For further information, please write, call or email: Professor Carrie Menkel-Meadow Director, Georgetown-Hewlett Program in Conflict Resolution and Legal Problem-Solving Georgetown University Law Center 600 New Jersey Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC. 20001-2095 (202) 662-9379/

Call for Papers: ADR & the Law As you may know, since 1997 the Fordham Urban Law Journal (AULJ@), in conjunction with the American Arbitration Association (AAAA@), has published a book entitled ADR & the Law, covering developments in both domestic and international alternative dispute resolution. We are proud that the AAA has selected the Journal to continue this scholarly and well-respected publication.  ADR & the Law is the successor of the AAA publication Arbitration and the Law, and like its predecessor, is published annually.  Work on the 2001 edition is almost complete, and we are

beginning work on the 2002 edition.  The 2001 edition includes analyses of important judicial decisions, new legislative developments, and commentary by distinguished legal practitioners and scholars in the area of alternative dispute resolution. We are currently soliciting pieces for the domestic section of the 2002 edition of ADR & the Law and we would be pleased and honored to review a piece that you may submit.  We provide professionals and scholars significant leeway regarding the length and format of these submissions. Submissions may range from transcripts of speeches, to short commentaries, to full articles.  Where appropriate, your submission should include citations in accordance with The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (17th ed.).  Please keep in mind that the Journal will assist you with the

format and citations in your piece. We sincerely hope that you decide to publish your ideas on alternative

dispute resolution with the AAA and ULJ in the upcoming edition of ADR & the Law.  Should you have any questions or comments regarding submissions or the book, please contact Lynn Singband or Gena Lai at the Urban Law Journal at (212) 636-6881, by fax at (212) 636-6694, or by email at .  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Los Angeles County Bar Association   Dispute Resolution Services, Inc  THIRTY HOUR BASIC MEDIATOR TRAINING Contact Jenna Albrecht at (213) 896-6532 fax: (213) 613-1299 THIRTY HOUR BASIC MEDIATOR TRAINING September 10 – 14 (9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.) LACBA Lexis Conference Center 281 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA October 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30 (Weekdays/ 6-9 p.m., Saturday/ 9 a.m.-4 p.m.) Ken Edwards Center 1527 Fourth St., Santa Monica, CA $485 DRS associates $515  LA County Bar Members $560  All others Acclaimed mediator skills training on negotiations process, mediation law and legal requirements, settlement skills, breaking impasse, communication and active listening, drafting the settlement agreement. Meets requirements of California Dispute Resolution Programs Act. Approved for 25 hours of CLE credit. Faculty: Lynne Bassis, Esq., Frank Riela, Esq., John Rodriguez, Therese White, Gail Nugent

Mediation Works Incorporated’s “MWI’s Train the Trainer Institute” DESCRIPTION:    “MWI’s Train the Trainer Institute” is a three-day advanced seminar designed to prepare experienced mediators and other dispute resolution professionals to become effective trainers, facilitators and role-play coaches.  Boston, MA. For more information please visit < > or call (800) 348-4888 x22. Training Prerequisites:  Mediators and must have completed 30-hours of formal mediation training (or meet their state’s requirement); Experience Prerequisites: Mediators and other ADR Practitioners must have experience with at least 10 cases in the past two years. DATES:  September 19-21, 2001  9:00 AM to 4:30 PM each day TRAINERS:  Melissa Brodrick and Charles Doran LOCATION: Mediation Works Incorporated, Boston, MA COST:  $750 ($695 if registered by August 20, 2001) For more information, plus hotel information, please visit  < > or call Charles Doran, Executive Director at (800) 348-4888 x22 with questions and to request a brochure.

IRS Nationwide Tax Forum:Taxpayer Rights & Alternative Dispute Resolution October 2 & 3, 2001 at the Berkeley Marina Radisson Hotel in Berkeley, CA For more info: 202/694-1842 TEL 202/694-1845 FAX E-MAIL INTERNET SITE

Nordic Forum for Mediation Conference (under construction). The Nordic Forum for Mediation is arranging a conference in Copenhagen 18-20th January 2002. Prior to the conference there will be a training institute on the 16th and 17th January 2002. The conference and the training institute will gather mediators from areas

such as victim-offender, family, community, school, international, corporate and civil mediation. We have been so privileged that high profiled mediators from different sectors and styles of mediation have accepted our invitation to be with us, not only at the conference but also in the pre-conference training institute. Along with those you will meet a variety of skilled mediators. It is an opportunity that people interested in mediation cannot miss if their calendar allows them to be present. You are invited to an historic event. The conference site is wonderful: The workshops will run simultaneously in 10 parallel tracks. A large number of the workshops offered in Scandinavian languages will be repeated in the English language. Also, we ask that participants send their fee at the time of registration so we can guarantee a space. Unfortunately the wonderful conference site provides only space for 350 participants and we are giving priority to those signing up first. The rates: 1. dkr. 6.000 equivalent to USD 750 (admission fee, accommodation and food included) for the conference, 2. and 5.000 dkr. app. equivalent to 625 USD for the training institute (admission fee, accommodation and food included). 3. You don’t have to buy the full packet. You can choose between the two events though my recommendation is to attend both. 4. If you attend both the training institute and the conference, you will be charged an additional fee for another night (Thursday-Friday) equivalent to 100 USD. For more info: Hans Boserup []

On Saturday, September 8, 2001 The Mediation Council of Illinois will offer a Fall Conference MEDIATION SKILLS DEVELOPMENT 2001 400 Field Drive, Lake Forest, IL, at Trustmark FALL CONFERENCE TOPICS Reality Testing, Financial Planning, Domestic Violence Training, Tough Moments, Grandparents, Positions to Interests, Child Welfare, Parental Alienation, Ethics, Screening, Self-Righteousness, Self-Awareness, Loss & Grief, Marketing Judicial Panel: View from the Bench -“Impact of Mediation on Domestic Relations Issue” Judges Cerri, Edmonson, Equi and Gavin Contact The Council at 312-641-3000, email at,

or visit our webpage at . Fax: 847-462-0385

Professional Mediation Skills Training Program (36 Hour Training) Dates: October 5-7, 20-21, 2001 Location: University of Washington School of Law 1100 NE Campus Parkway Seattle, Washington 98105 For additional information, please contact the University of Washington School of Law Continuing Legal Education Office at 206-543-0059 or 800-253-8648; e-mail address: Visit our webpage at


WORKSHOPS FOR FALL: November 12-16, 2001 Ann Arbor, Michigan Zena D. Zumeta, J.D. 330 E. Liberty, Suite 3A Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104-2238

(734) 663-1155/ Fax: (734) 663-0524 Email:


In connection with NARF and WSWC, the American Bar Association’s

Section of Dispute Resolution presents a program on: Indian Tribes, Natural Resources Conflicts and Alternative Dispute Resolution In Cooperation With: The Native American Rights Fund The Western States Water Council Patton Boggs LLP October 9, 2001 St. George, Utah Program Outline: A full day of panel discussions on ADR practices and policies, the mechanics of mediation, in-depth talks on United States v. Michigan and the future of Indian water rights settlements. Guest Speakers to Include: The Honorable Richard Enslen, Senior United States District Court Judge John D. Leshy, Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California at Hastings Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar (Invited) Located at the St. George Holiday Inn 850 South Bluff Street Cost of the program is $95 Contact Rebecca Richter for more information 202.457.6155/ Continuing Legal Education Credits* The program begins at 9 a.m. and concludes at 6 p.m. With a reception immediately following Additional registration information forthcoming *CLE Accreditation has been requested for this program from every state (including California and Pennsylvania) with mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements for lawyers. Please be aware that each state has its own rules and regulations, including its definition of “CLE.” Attorneys seeking to obtain MCLE credit in Pennsylvania are required to pay state accreditation fees directly to the PACLE. Please be prepared to remit payment to the PACLE ($2.00 per credit hour or any portion thereof) after the program. Certificates of attendance will be available at the conclusion of the program for both attendees and speakers. If you have questions about the number or credit hours granted by each state, you may call 312-988-6217, starting 2 to 3 weeks before the program.

The Association for conflict Resolution (a merged organization of AFM, CREnet, and SPIDR) announce the first International Conference in cooperation with the National Association for Community Mediation. Coming Together is scheduled from October 10-13, 2001, in Toronto, Ontario at the Sheraton Centre Toronto. Hotel reservations need to be made by September 10, 2001 at (416) 947-4955 ext. 4440, and reservations for the conference need to be made by October 1, 2001. Questions concerning the conference are to be directed to Paco Martinez at (703) 685-4130. ACR’s Second Annual International Conference will be held in San Diego, California August 21-24, 2002. Call for Proposes at .

Web Sites of Interest: Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management: (This is one of the sites where the directory will appear.)

Ohio State Bar Association: (Another directory website.)

The Conflict Resolution Master of Arts degree program at Antioch University/McGregor School

Coming soon: OMA’s website!!! 


Schrock & Westerville Roads, Westerville Phone: (614) 818-1700

All meetings begin at 11:00 AM with the program immediately following.

From Western Ohio: Take I-70 East to I-270 North. Two exits past I-71 is Westerville Road. Take the part of the exit that will take you north on Westerville Road. Either turn right at Schrock Road, left at the light at Otterbein Road, and left into the shopping center (first driveway on left) or cross Schrock Road to next light, turn right into shopping center and follow driveway to far end of the center.

From Southwestern Ohio : Take I-71 North through town to I-270 East two exits to Westerville Road.. Take the part of the exit that will take you north on Westerville Road. Either turn right at Schrock Road, left at the light at Otterbein Road, and left into the shopping center (first driveway on left) or cross Schrock Road to next light, turn right into shopping center and follow driveway to far end of the center.

From Northern Ohio : Take I-71 South to I-270 East two exits to Westerville Road. Take the part of the exit that will take you north on Westerville Road. Either turn right at Schrock Road, left at the light at Otterbein Road, and left into the shopping center (first driveway on left) or cross Schrock Road to next light, turn right into shopping center and follow driveway to far end of the center.

From Eastern Ohio : Take I-70 West to I-270 North to the Westerville Road exit. Take the part of the exit that will take you north on Westerville Road.. Either turn right at Schrock Road, left at the light at Otterbein Road, and left into the shopping center (first driveway on left) or cross Schrock Road to next light, turn right into shopping center and follow driveway to far end of the center.

Ohio Mediation Association
c/o Ohio Commission on Dispute
Resolution and Conflict Management
77 South High Street, 24 th Floor
Columbus OH 43266-0124