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Steve Richey

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Nationwide, Hamilton County

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Business/Commercial, Construction, Family Business, Labor, Workplace

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Conflict Resolution Coaching, Conflict Resolution System Design, Consensus/Team Building, Facilitation, Training

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Steve’s philosophy is that settling disputes through mediation is superior to litigation or arbitration. In mediation, the parties control their own fate, rather than leaving their fortunes to the vagaries of a judge, jury or arbitrator. In litigation, parties often become hostage to the struggle, losing perspective on their fundamental goals for the sake of winning. Mediation allows parties to step back from the battle in order to clarify their core values and to explore creative solutions. He believes that mediation is not a day, but a process. He will contact the parties before the day of mediation to understand their positions and preferences for the mediation process. By mediation day, he will know the facts and law of your case intimately. If the case does not settle on mediation day, he will continue to mediate as long as it takes.





• Served for two years (1993-1995) as a Law Clerk to the Hon. S. A. Spiegel, U.S.D.C. for the Southern District of Ohio. As part of his clerkship, he participated in over 30 Settlement Conferences, in which Judge Spiegel mediated.

• From 1995 to the present, he has practiced Labor & Employment Law at Thompson Hine LLP. He has represented clients in mediations conducted by Federal Judges, Federal Magistrate Judges, State Court Judges and private Mediators. He has mediated as an advocate in over 25 cases, primarily in the area of Labor & Employment. Representative cases include issues of:

RACE DISCRIMINATION (settled a million dollar case claiming race discrimination at an auto manufacturing plant in Louisville Kentucky through private mediation).

AGE AND NATIONAL ORIGIN DISCRIMINATION (at a truck assembly plant in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas).

GENDER AND DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION AND FMLA RETALIATION (brought by a warehouse employee in the Eastern District of Michigan at Detroit).

FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT (settled wage/hour class action in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana regarding employees in a plastic parts manufacturing plant).

VIOLATIONS OF CALIFORNIA LABOR CODE (settled million dollar overtime case in Orange County California Superior Court)

RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION (settled EEOC claims of religious discrimination at a package sorting facility brought by Muslim employees seeking right to pray at certain specific time in the day).

• Starting in 2007, Steve began mediating cases ordered to mediation by the Judges of the Southern District of Ohio, for which he received an Outstanding Service Award from Chief Judge Beckwith.

• Starting in 2016, Steve began mediating cases ordered to mediation by the Judges of the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, averaging between one and four cases per month. These cases include claims of breach of contract, unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel; violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Consumer Sales Practices Act and Fair Debt Practices Act; personal injury; libel and slander; liquor license disputes; and real estate disputes.



Education / Training


Program on Mediation, Harvard Law School, 2017

Salmon P. Chase College of Law, J.D., 1993, summa cum laude

Xavier University, M.ED., 1979, summa cum laude

Xavier University, B.A., 1969, cum laude

Professional Association Memberships

American Arbitration Association
National Association of Mediators
Ohio Mediation Association
Ohio State Bar Association
Cincinnati Bar Association:  Chair ADR Committee, Executive Director Inns of Court, Board of Trustees