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Here at Civil Dispute Resolution Services, LLC., (“CDRS”), we believe that almost every conflict can be resolved with the help and guidance of an experienced conflict resolution professional.  We believe that through clear communication and precise listening skills we can help you navigate your conflict all the way to a solution that benefits all parties. We believe that helping people resolve conflicts through effective communication helps keep the relationship as intact as possible so that when the conflict is resolved, future communications and interactions between the parties can continue to be productive.

Civil Dispute Resolution Services is committed to conflict resolution through facilitative mediation and negotiation. We are available to help you resolve your conflict equitably, fairly, privately and cooperatively at your convenience whether that is during the day, evening or weekend.  We are available for online mediation when appropriate as well.

Civil Dispute Resolution Services provides mediation services in the areas of civil, divorce, family, interpersonal, and eldercare. We also offer conflict coaching for anyone going into a high pressure situation or gearing up for a high stakes conversation.

Civil Dispute Resolution Services also conducts workshops for children ages 7 to 13 that teach children the necessary skills needed for conflict resolution in the areas of peer pressure and bullying.

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I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies from Virginia College and am a Notary in the State of Ohio. I have worked in the legal field for many years and continue to work in the legal field where mediation is common practice. I have extensive training in domestic and civil mediation and have volunteered within the local court systems.

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Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce. Association for Conflict Resolution.




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Civil Dispute Resolution Services, LLC

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Civil Dispute Resolution Services, LLC

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Divorce, Eldercare, Family, Interpersonal, Neighborhood/Community, Workplace

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Conflict Resolution Coaching