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Mark your Calendars for our exciting 2004 meetings!! (First Friday of the even numbered months except our conference or April meeting since it is at Fawcett Center.)

June 3, 2005 Special 2-hour presentation on Real Estate Disputes and the Role of the Mediator. Presenters Melissa A. Marcin of Marcin & Marcin and Joseph Pitstick, of Cuni, Ferguson & LeVay. Don’t miss this presentation to be put on the list for Condo and Home Owner Associations for mediators who wish to be able to mediate for such groups.

August 5, 2005 C. Eileen Pruett on what the UMA means to Ohio mediators now that it will become effective in October.

All meetings, except the Annual Conference, to be held at 11:30 AM at the MCL Cafeteria at Westerville and Schrock Roads in Westerville until further notice (Directions on last page)


President’s Column
By Shirley Cochran

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Ohio Mediation Association year starts May 1st and runs through April 30th so we are at the start of our new year. The first thing I would like to do is thank our members and especially our officers for all the hard work this past year in bringing OMA to where it is today. We had 118 dues paying members, presented informative and enjoyable programs at our bi-monthly meetings, completed a fantastic annual meeting in April with a well-received program by Bernie Mayer attended by 70 people, participated in the final passage of the Uniform Mediation Act in the Ohio Legislature, were part of the Conflict Management Week 2005 planning group, amended our by-laws to return to two-year term of office for the President and eliminated the office of President-Elect, participated in a group preparing training materials for the impact the UMA will have on Ohio mediators in October, presented a workshop on credentialing at the Minorities in Dispute Resolution Conference, and were instrumental in creating the Summit Group of mediation organizations to further the use of mediation in the State of Ohio. Makes me tired just to read about it!

Another major change this year was the use of the web site directory. Each dues paying member should have received a message by e-mail with a member number and password to have complete control over their directory listing. You can add to your listing and change information at your convenience and when you need to do so. I know I went in and changed my listing when I left my position at the court at the end of January so people can find me at my home office again and it was very easy. We will continue to list the renewals and new members in the Newscaster along with any changes or corrections (like this month we added a member’s correct e-mail address), but at any time you can go to and see the entire directory or search by name. To be able to search by county, the member has to have put the counties in the directory listing so be sure you go in and make your listing all it can be.

For those who missed the annual meeting, OMA purchased a number of copies of Bernie Mayer’s most recent book, Beyond Neutrality, to sell to members and non-members alike at a discount. In addition to personalizing the books purchased that day for those individuals, Bernie was kind enough to sign each of the remaining books, which will be sold at our meetings. Members pay $32 and non-members $36 for a book that retails for $38 plus shipping and handling. Bring your checkbook to the next meeting and take away an interesting challenge to mediators concerning the crisis Bernie believes we are facing in conflict resolution.

As mandated by the by-laws, the OMA officers gave reports at the annual meeting as well as asking for members to get more involved in the actual running of the organization. I was re-elected to serve the second year of the President’s term as set forth in the by-laws again and Jay Patterson was re-elected Vice President. My favorite part of the annual meeting was the awarding of the Better World Award to Marie Hill of Cincinnati (see the article below for specifics). We had great food and wonderful thought-provoking discussions. The Supreme Court of Ohio assisted in providing Bernie as our speaker and Antioch University McGregor provided materials as well as a booth staffed with OMA member Rob McLaughlin to answer questions concerning the Masters program there. Mark your calendars for April 7, 2006 for the next opportunity to come together to celebrate OMA’s year of accomplishments.

Better World Award 2005

Marie Hill nominated by Lou Ann Wood

Marie Hill has trained, mentored, and influenced hundreds of individuals in the career of mediation, and if not the career, at least in their thinking in the whole area of peace making. She has been training both basic and advanced mediation for many years, has presented at national conferences, was a founding member of the Cincinnati Mediation Council, past Vice President of the Ohio Mediation Association, and member of the Governor’s Task Force on Family Law and Children. As Coordinator of the Mediation Program for Beech Acres Mediation Center Marie Hill offers an opportunity for beginning mediators to co-mediate at the Center to develop their skills and gain confidence. She is an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Association of Conflict Resolution. Marie Hill’s influence on the field of mediation in this state and others is hereby honored.

Conflict Management Week 2005 Winning Through Working Together

May 8th -14th was Conflict Management Week 2005 in the state of Ohio. The theme of this year’s celebration was “Winning through Working Together” — a theme developed to encourage the public to consider using conflict management and dispute resolution methods to enhance their daily lives. During this annual series of events, schools, courts, communities, and government organizations spread the word about effective approaches to preventing and resolving conflicts. Ohioans also recognized their state’s leadership in the field of conflict management and the growth of mediation as a method for settling disputes. Educational information and resources to help promote the Week were available under the heading of Learn How You Can Get Involved at


NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release May 11, 2005. Yellow Springs, Ohio – Antioch University McGregor is launching a new certificate program in Intercultural Conflict Management (ICM) to mark Ohio’s Conflict Management Week, May 8-14, 2005. The Intercultural Conflict Management Certificate Program will debut this fall as part of Antioch University McGregor’s Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution program in the School of Management. Please see Conflict resolution is no longer a stand-alone professional field of specialization.  It is now a critical skill for effective leadership in a wide range of careers including: government agencies, schools, hospitals, corporations, universities and communities. The Intercultural Conflict Management Certificate Program is designed to provide practical skills training in intercultural conflict management that prepares individuals to be proactive, positive agents of change. The skill sets learned and practiced within the program are aimed at providing participants with the fundamental tools, understanding and confidence to deal effectively with intercultural conflicts wherever they occur, be it in interpersonal relationships, communities or the workplace. Governor of Ohio, Bob Taft, recently designated May 8 ­ 14, 2005 Conflict Management Week with the theme, “Winning through Working Together”, to encourage the public to consider using conflict management and dispute resolution methods to enhance their daily lives. Ohio leads the nation with more than 1,700 school-based conflict management programs in existence. To raise awareness of the newly established Intercultural Conflict Management Certificate Program and in celebration of Ohio Conflict Management Week, Dr. Getinet Belay, Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution at Antioch University McGregor, will host an online chat on “Identity, Culture and Conflict.” The chat will be held Thursday, May 12 from 11 a.m.  to 1 p.m. The chat can be accessed through the McGregor web site at Antioch University McGregor contributes to the betterment of the individual and the community by fostering academic excellence and providing socially responsive, flexible and innovative education programs for adult learners. McGregor features a wide array of bachelor’s degree completion programs, master’s programs in conflict resolution, management and education and also individualized liberal and professional studies programs. Please do not hesitate to email me at or call

at (937) 769-1816 with any questions or for more information. Best Regards, Rob McLaughlin, M.A. Antioch University McGregor 800 Livermore St. Yellow Springs, OH 45387 “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity” Horace Mann


THIRD SUMMIT MEETING OF MEDIATION ORGANIZATIONS HELD on April 25, 2005. The meeting was attended by the following organizations: Ohio Mediation Association (OMA), Supreme Court of Ohio Dispute Resolution Services, Mediation Association of Northeast Ohio (MANO), Mediation Association of Northwest Ohio (MANWO), and the Ohio State Bar Dispute Resolution Committee (OSBA DR Committee). The issue of data collection was discussed and Bruce Heckman is preparing a RFP for a comparison of mediation and non-mediated settlements in court cases. Areas to be discussed are speed/timing, cost, satisfaction of parties and durability of the resolution. The slogan or tag line for mediation has been reduced to the top ten slogans that are to be sent out to the different organization’s members for ranking of their top three. A decision about the final slogan choice will be made at the next meeting. Conflict Management week should probably be on the agenda for the summit group since it is a statewide effort to get the word out about conflict management. A review of this year’s events will be made at the next meeting and planning for the following year begun. Discussion about a possible symposium or multiple day conference was begun. Organizations are being asked to discuss this internally and decide what, if anything, they might be able to commit to doing for something in November of 2006 at the earliest. The next meeting will be hosted by the Supreme Court in July on a date to be determined.


From the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management

Second Annual Conference on Conflict Resolution Education What Works! Innovations in Conflict Resolution Education:  Early Childhood to Higher Education September 28th – October 1st, 2005, Columbus, Ohio USA On September 28-October 1, 2005, the second annual What Works! Conference will bring together college and university faculty, K-12 teachers and counselors, high school and college students, Conflict Resolution practitioners, parents, and community leaders.  Under the guidance of experts in the field of Conflict Resolution Education, these educators, youth and community leaders will explore effective models for Conflict Resolution and learn proven techniques to reduce and manage conflict in the classroom, in peer groups, families, and community settings.   What Works! will provide participants with the skills, techniques and resources needed to create safe and healthy learning environments in their educational setting and community.  RCH, CEU, CHES, social work, and graduate credit will be offered. Ohio’s national reputation as a leader in conflict resolution education is built on years of collaboration among state and local agencies, schools and universities, community organizations, trainers and independent consultants.  The list of sponsors and planning committee members for this year’s conference reflects this collaboration.  Sponsors include: the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management, the Interfaith Center for Peace, the Office of the Attorney General of Ohio, the Ohio Resource Network (Safe School Center), the University of Cincinnati, Miami University’s Office of Student Activities, the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, the Ohio Supreme Court Interpreter Services Program, the U.S. Department of Education, and the European Centre for Conflict Prevention. September 28th -29th Two Day Intensive Training What Works! will begin at the Marriott Columbus North in Columbus, Ohio, on September 28th and 29th with two days of intensive training. For additional details and registration information, please check the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution’s Web site at in early March or contact the Commission at 614-752-9595.


In My Opinion By Shirley Cochran, JD

We have a responsibility to comment upon articles we find in the newspaper or in magazines that are either erroneous or could use clarification concerning mediation. For instance, in the Columbus Dispatch recently, the Dear Prudence column headline was “Mediator might convince woman of her bad driving” The letter was from a husband who was complaining about his wife’s driving to the point of calling her a menace behind the wheel and was wanting to ban his wife from driving with their child in the car now that their first child was being born. In Prudence’s response to Married to Hell on Wheels, she stated the following: “If she gives you static and is in denial (after suggesting giving her a choice between anger management classes and taking a bus or cab), find a neutral mediator. The body-shop bills, the insurance increases and speeding tickets should be quite convincing to an outsider.” In response, I sent an e-mail to Margo Howard (apparently Prudence does not exist) explaining that a mediator does not “convince” a party of anything nor does whether or not she believes the information the husband can provide will convince the mediator of the bad driving of the wife have anything to do with what occurs in a mediation. I requested she correct the erroneous impression she left with the general public about mediation and mediators but have yet to hear if that will be done.


In another instance, CEO Magazine had in its April edition an article about homeowners suing or being sued by their homeowner associations for things such as the wrong color paint on a house. I mentioned that we as the Ohio Mediation Association are trying to work with these groups to suggest mediation rather than litigation to resolve these issues as the homeowners are probably not going to move. In fact the case mentioned settled before the court decided the matter. The letter to the editor was printed in the June issue and it is yet to be determined if anyone else but me read it, but at least it is there.


If we do not work to bring mediation to the public eye and correct erroneous information about mediation and mediators, who will?


Ohio State Bar Association Directory Web Site Revisions Make It Easier to Use.

The Ohio State Bar Association has just completed its Web Site renovations at If you visit the site, click on Public, Legal Services, ADR, and Search the Database of Neutrals, you should be able to find your information if you are already on the site. There is also a place to click for neutrals to amend their information or contact the person in charge to provide information to be listed after the ADR link under This Is For Providers Of ADR Services. Hopefully, you are in the directory and appropriately listed. Contact Shirley Cochran if there is a problem.


Monthly Presenters for OMA by Sandra Fredrick

I wanted to let the members of the Ohio Mediation Association aware that I will be coordinating the monthly presenters for our organization. I am very interested in any appealing presenters and if you feel you have a new program or approach that you would want to share with your peers it would be appreciated. Please contact me with ideas as well The following are ways to contact me: Sandra Fredrick, (937) 225-4099 or I can be reached by e-mail at I look forward to hearing from you.


New and Renewing Members and Additions/Corrections to the Directory (not the entire list of members—see the directory at our web site for that list):

New and renewing members may send applications to OMA’s President, Shirley Cochran at 2897 Liberty Bell Lane, Reynoldsburg OH 43068 Contact Shirley for membership applications or to provide updated addresses, phone numbers, etc, for OMA’s mailing lists and directory. A membership application can be sent electronically for your convenience or you can download it from the OMA website If there is a correction or an addition, please let Shirley know.


Name/Address Phone and/or e-mail
Tracy Anderson 

431 Columbian Avenue

Columbus OH 43223

(614) 279-1867

Martha L. Antolik 

1424 Cole Court

Vandalia OH 45377

(937) 264-2336 

Fax (937) 264-0722

Bridge Consulting, LLC 

c/o Ramona Inskeep

11713 Julie Drive

Baltimore OH 43105

(614) 561-8630

Tonya Charles, Montgomery Co. DR Court 

301 W. Third Street, 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4246

(937) 496-7745 

Fax: (937) 496-7443

Diane L. Chermely, JD 

945 Windham Court Suite 3

Boardman OH 44512

(330) 629-8882 

Fax (330) 726-5926


Clermont County Common Pleas Court Mediation Office c/o Darren Miller 

270 E. Main Street

Batavia OH 45103

(513) 732-7397 

Fax (513) 732-7390


Gina M. Crawford, PH.D. 

23818 Cliff Drive

Bay Village, Ohio 44140

440 570-9653 

Fax (440) 617-0199


Dan DeStephen, Center for Teaching and Learning Wright State University 

3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.

Dayton OH 45435

(937) 775-2067 

Fax (937) 775-3152

Erie Co. Family Ct. Mediation Chris Perrin 

323 Columbus Avenue

Sandusky OH 44870

(419) 627-7782 

Fax: (419) 627-6600

Kathy Field 

1073 Wilson Avenue

Marion OH 43302

(740) 387-4370

Findlay Municipal Court Mediation Coordinator 

318 Dorney Plaza PO Box 826

Findlay OH 45840

Nancy Bachynski ? 

(419) 424-7143

Fax (419) 424-7803

Sandra Fredrick, LSW 

301 W. Third St., 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4246

(937) 225-4099 

Fax (937) 496-7443

Vicky Fulkerson 

641 Grove Avenue

Zanesville OH 43701

(740) 454-3269 (W) (740) 452-4669 (H) 

Fax: (W) (740) 455-0739

Sandra Mendel Furman 

One Easton Oval, Suite 500

Columbus OH 43219

(614) 416-5611 

Fax (614) 416-5770

Guernsey Co. Common Pleas Ct. 

c/o Magistrate Marcia Hollins

801 Wheeling Ave. , Room E

Cambridge OH 43725

(740) 432-9252 

Fax: (740) 432-9289

Harmony Mediation/Consulting c/o Stephen E. Williams 

237 Maple Street

Brookville OH 45309-1710

(937) 833-6588 

Fax (937) 833-6588

Debbie Heimberger 

6401 Stonebridge Street

Columbus OH 43229

(614) 397-4498

Marie Hill 

2004 Forestcrest Way

Cincinnati OH 45244

(513) 474-1564

Judith A. Houts, Ph.D. 

79 Prince Road

Pataskala OH 43062

(740) 964-2103

Francie Kaufman 

c/o Columbus Medical Assn.

431 E. Broad Street

Columbus OH 43215

(614) 240-7410 

Fax (614) 240-7415

Edward M. Krauss 

Dispute Resolution, Inc.

783 South Sixth Street

Columbus OH 43206-2130

(614) 444-5872

Cathleen Kuhl 

CMS Hamilton County


Cincinnati OH


Fax: (513)

Beth Leger Montgomery Co. CP Ct. Domestic Relations Division 

301 W. Third St., 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4246

(937) 225-5412 

Fax (937) 496-7334

Licking Co. DR Ct. c/o Mediation Coordinator Jay Patterson 

75 East Main Street

Newark OH 43055

(740) 670-5409

Beverly Lowery 

6775 Meadow Creek Dr. #207

Columbus OH 43235-7980

(614) 792-7681

Mahoning Valley Dispute Resolution Service c/o Janice Bailey, Director 

25 East Boardman Street

Youngstown OH 44503

(330) 744-4244 

Fax: (330) 744-4480

Rob McLaughlin 

PO Box 1052

Lebanon OH 45036

(513) 850-1189

Terry McMenamin, Montgomery Co. Domestic Relations Court 

301 W. Third Street, 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4246

(937) 496-7766 

Fax: (937) 496-7443

Mediated Solutions c/o Steven D. Abrams 

2720 Airport Drive, Suite 100

Columbus OH 43219

(614) 418-1784 

Fax (614) 418-1701

Professor Roberta S. Mitchell 

Capital University Law School

303 E. Broad Street

Columbus OH 4215

(614) 236-6517 

Fax: (614) 236-6970

Ohio State University c/o Carole Hinchcliff, Moritz Law Library 

55 West 12th Ave. Room 274A

Columbus OH 43210

(614) 292-7722 

F (614) 292-3202

Nola J. Olinger Mont. Co. DR Court 

301 W. Third St, 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4246

(937) 225-4093 

Fax (937) 496-7443

Cris Olmstead, PCC, LSW 

301 W. 3rd Street, 2nd Floor

Dayton OH 45422-4246

(937) 496-6809 

Fax (937) 496-7443

Michelle Quinn 

3563 Mountshannon Road

Columbus OH 43221

(614) 921-8779

Robert E. Rosenberg 

206 South Meridian Street Suite A

Ravenna OH 44266

(330) 296-3435 

Fax: (330) 296-3435

Fredric P. Tilton 

4007 Bach-Buxton Road

Amelia OH 45102

(513) 752-3051 

Fax: (513) 752-8267

Jim Toy 

8495 Charleston Valley Drive

Mason OH 45040

(513) 314-2010

Tuscarawas Co. Common Pleas Ct. c/o Andrea L. Fischer-Immke 

125 East High Ave. Room 225

New Philadelphia OH 44663

(330) 365-3269 

Fax (330) 365-3398

University of Toledo College of Law c/o Maara Fink 

2801 W. Bancroft Street

Toledo OH 43606

(419) 530-4236 

Fax: (419) 530-2605

Barbara A. Venesy 

Law Offices of Barbara A. Venesy

2741 Foxwood Drive

Akron OH 44333-2751

(330) 864-6060 

Fax (330) 864-6060

Odella T. Welch 

560 Woodlake Drive

Westerville OH 43081

(614) 523-3022 

Fax (614) 523-3022

Lou Ann Wood 

AAL Mediation Services

6726 Main Street

Newtown OH 45244

(513) 271-2223 

Fax (513) 0615


Newscaster Material: Please send material for the Newscaster by the 20th of the even numbered months to permit publication in the newsletter. The next deadline is June 20, 2005. My address is 2897 Liberty Bell Lane, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 Phone/fax: (614) 863-4775 E-mail: Thanks, Shirley Cochran, Editor


Job Announcements: There are also some announcements that become available for the meetings. Be sure to attend the meeting and check the Newscaster for openings we might receive notice of and if you have a position you would like to have listed, provide it by the deadline to the Editor.


Volunteer Opportunity: the Better Business Bureau of Cincinnati serving Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana has been mediating cases since 1999. It has grown from 11 mediations that year to 35 cases in 2004. They have mediated 108 workplace disputes over the last six years, amounting to 325 hours of service by their small pool of 9 mediators. Volunteer mediators must have previously completed mediator training, have experience mediating cases on various issues, and be willing to volunteer their time. Individuals interested in mediating cases for the BBB should send their resume, including information about their mediator training and number of types of cases previously mediated to Christine Bake, Dispute Resolution Specialist, Better Business Bureau, 898 Walnut Street, Cincinnati OH 45202.


National Conflict Resolution Day: ACR is working to create a national day of recognition for conflict resolution, in order to increase public awareness about conflict resolution and its many benefits. Our goal is to gain a Congressional proclamation designating a National Conflict Resolution Day in 2005. ACR is coordinating its efforts with other national conflict resolution organizations, and is reaching out to local, state and international groups to build interest in holding local celebrations in conjunction with this celebration, planned for November 2005.


Upcoming ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Sponsored Events:

August 4-9, 2005 ~ The American Bar Association Annual Meeting, Sheraton Hotel, Chicago, IL

Check or call 202-662-1680 for more information.




Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio and the Columbus Bar Association present Basic Mediation Training June 7 & 8, September 14 & 15, or December 7 & 8, 2005; 40 Hour Domestic Mediation Training May 4, 5, 10, 11, & 12, or October 27, 28, November 2, 3, & 4, 2005. Presenter Shelley Whalen, LSW, Executive Director of CMS and a past president of OMA. Schedule 8:30 AM-6:00 PM, Training site 91 Jefferson Avenue, Columbus OH, the Thurber Center CLE and CEU’s Contact CMS (614) 228-7191 or Fax: (614) 228-7213 Mailing address: 67 Jefferson Avenue, 2nd Floor, Columbus OH 43215.


Capital University Law School Center for Dispute Resolution

Center for Dispute Resolution, Capital Law School, 303 E Broad Street, Columbus OH 43215-3200, Phone (614) 236-6430/ Fax (614) 236-6956 CDR Directors include Roberta S Mitchell and Scot E Dewhirst, Co-Directors of the Center, and Terrence T Wheeler, Executive Director of the Center. Please visit our website at to gain more detailed information on our trainings or to register on-line.


Conflict Management Services

Presenters Cheryl M Lowry, Ph D, Robert N Wistner, JD, Leslie Martin, BA, and Kenneth T Davis, BA Contact Cheryl (614) 488-4540, Suite 126, 1500 W Third Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212 E-mail: cms@iwaynetnet Website:


Cleveland Mediation Center United Office Building, Suite 906 2012 West 25th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44113 2005 Basic Mediation Training: May: 16 (9-5), 18 (9-5), 20 (9-1); July: (9-5), 13 (9-5), 15 (9-1) ; September: 12 (9-5), 14 (9-5), 16 (9-1); November: 7 (9-5), 9 (9-5), 11 (9-1). 2005 Divorce Mediation Training- 40 hour training; pre-requisite: basic mediation training. Fall: October 14 (evening),15, 16, 28 (evening), 29, 30 Presenters include Dan Joyce and Wendy Hawbaker For further information on all training contact: Bob Curtis, Training Co-coordinator Phone: (216) 621-1919, extension 500 Fax: (216) 621-3202 E-Mail .


Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) 5 -day, 40-Hour Performance-based Mediation Skills Training 2005 Schedule June 16, 17, 23, 24, 25, 2005 August 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 2005 October 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 2005 December 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 2005 Location: Chicago, IL Cost: $1,195.00 for registration received 28 days before the first day of training. The cost after this deadline is $1,250.00. The core of CCR’s training is the simulated mediations and individualized coaching each trainee receives. Experienced mediator-trainers are present for the entirety of each simulation and serve as coaches, providing concrete feedback in the moment and methods to reach the trainees highest potential. Training class size is limited to ensure a 3-to-1 trainee to trainer ratio. Training focuses on the mediation process, effective communication skills and various problem-solving techniques For more information, visit us online at or contact CCR’s Director of Training Services, Alyson Carrel, at (312) 922-6464 ext. 12 or email

Information provided by the ABA Dispute Resolution Section e-mail Service:

June 16-18, 2005 Pepperdine’s Professional Skills Program in Dispute Resolution The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law Malibu, California

July 29-30, 2005 The Masters Forum The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law Malibu, California )

Web Sites of Interest:

Ohio Mediation Association:
Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management:
Ohio State Bar Association:
Mediation Association of Northeast Ohio (MANO)




Schrock & Westerville Roads, Westerville Phone: (614) 818-1700

All meetings begin at 11:00 AM with the program immediately following


From Western Ohio: Take I-70 East to I-270 North Two exits past I-71 is Westerville Road Take the part of the exit that will take you north on Westerville Road Either turn right at Schrock Road, left at the light at Otterbein Road, and left into the shopping center (first driveway on left) or cross Schrock Road to next light, turn right into shopping center and follow driveway to far end of the center


From Southwestern Ohio: Take I-71 North through town to I-270 East two exits to Westerville Road Take the part of the exit that will take you north on Westerville Road Either turn right at Schrock Road, left at the light at Otterbein Road, and left into the shopping center (first driveway on left) or cross Schrock Road to next light, turn right into shopping center and follow driveway to far end of the center


From Northern Ohio: Take I-71 South to I-270 East two exits to Westerville Road Take the part of the exit that will take you north on Westerville Road Either turn right at Schrock Road, left at the light at Otterbein Road, and left into the shopping center (first driveway on left) or cross Schrock Road to next light, turn right into shopping center and follow driveway to far end of the center


From Eastern Ohio: Take I-70 West to I-270 North to the Westerville Road exit Take the part of the exit that will take you north on Westerville Road Either turn right at Schrock Road, left at the light at Otterbein Road, and left into the shopping center (first driveway on left) or cross Schrock Road to next light, turn right into shopping center and follow driveway to far end of the center