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January / February 2012

By January 22, 2012Newsletter


Ohio Mediation Association


A Bi-Monthly Publication

Jan./Feb. 2012


President: James Petas (419) 936-2312 E-mail:  HYPERLINK “”

Immediate Past President: Maara Fink (419) 530-4236 E-mail:  HYPERLINK “”

Vice President: Ed Krauss (614) 619-0017 E-mail:  HYPERLINK “”

Treasurer:  Suzanne Barker (614) 299-6843 E-mail:  HYPERLINK “”

Secretary:  Gina Weisshaar (614) 893-2881 E-mail:  HYPERLINK “”


Mark your Calendars for our exciting meetings!! (Usually the first Friday of the even numbered months.)


February 3, 2012     CASA: Everything you wanted to know by Anne Konarski, Director of Volunteers and Program Attorney for Franklin County. For particulars see info below the President’s column.

April 27, 2012          ANNUAL CONFERENCE SAVE THE DATE! Jennifer Kresge on The Art & Science of the Question 9:00 AM-4:00 PM NEW LOCATION at the Columbus Bar Association 175 S. 3rd Street Suite 1100, Columbus OH 43215 CLE & CEU pending.


Ed Krauss is now planning our programs so if you have any ideas of what you would like to hear about or a speaker you can suggest please let him know at  HYPERLINK “”

President’s Column

James Petas

From Mess to Magnificent

How mediators and therapist sometimes mirror each others professional craft to produce a positive result out of a negative situation.

Both disciplines deal w/ conflict – The characteristics of conflict often follow the same punch list of emotions such as being  hurt, confused , feeling disrespected.

Therapy often has a direct approach to addressing conflict – many schools of thought advocate for challenging the client directly on how they perceive & respond to a problem. They discuss issues and offer different ways to view something. In anger management therapy for example the therapist will question the client by asking is this anger useful, remind them to think before reacting, consider if the offender acted out of an inner issue they have, reminding them they have a choice in the way they internally & externally respond.

The mediator tools of the trade often focus on principals of self determination which is a less direct way to address conflict. This occurs by the mediator laying down a foundation of positive communication through the expression of ideas and emotions, problem solving and goal setting. This process is designed to help people reassess history, make informed decisions and move past vindication to find closure.

So looking at this metaphorically the mediator often acts more like a gardener while the therapist does the work of a surgeon. Both styles are critical to achieving a positive outcome for parties.

But to be effective being eclectic is often the best rule. Both professions often step in each others worlds to get results.

In mediation it’s possible to be too non directive and neutral. This can lead to the parties become entrenched and ultimately, impasse. At a conference I attended last month one of the attorneys complained  his mediator was too hands off that he wanted someone “w/ an attitude” and who “got involved”. Taking a more direct, surgical, therapeutic approach such as reality testing, questioning motivation, case evaluation can be just what the parties need to get them to resolution

The same holds true as a therapist – if they cram a message down the throat of a client and don’t allow the person to experience some form of self direction or  self realization, this can result in a depersonalized experience, which lacks meaning.

In conclusion, each can incorporate tools from the others modes of practice.  When appropriate, the therapist borrow from the mediator in letting the client discover a resolution on their own. The mediator from the therapist, to be more evaluative to make suggestions. Both hopefully making something good out of something negative.


Don’t forget to attend the OMA bi monthly meeting in Columbus on Friday, February 3rd. Our speaker will be Ann Konarski – Director of Volunteers & Program Attorney at CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates. The topic will be “Everything you wanted to know about CASA but were afraid to ask – what is CASA & how does it work”.


We are also excited to announce Jennifer Kresge, speaker for the 2012 OMA Conference. Jennifer is a mediator and neuroscience specialist from California -her topic will be “The Art and Science of the Question”.

Please plan to spend an afternoon with us on Friday April 27, 2012.


Hope to see you soon,

James S. Petas

OMA President

February meeting info: Anne Konarski is the Director of Volunteers and Program Attorney at Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Franklin County. CASA trains community volunteers to advocate as Guardians ad Litem for abused and neglected children in Franklin County Juvenile Court. Konarski has worn many hats for the organization, including fundraising, creating agency policy and carrying a case load as a Guardian ad Litem. Before joining CASA she worked as a project attorney at Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease in the litigation section.   Konarski holds a BA in International Studies from The Ohio State University and a JD from Capital University Law School.  At Capital, she enjoyed an intensive summer course on negotiation and mediation and worked with the National Center for Adoption Law and Policy and the Justice League of Ohio. Konarski lives in the Clintonville area with her husband Victor, son Samuel, and two dogs, Daisy and Lola.

OMA Committee to Explore Certification of Ohio Mediators


Information has come to light that impacted this committee so it has been put on hiatus until June to determine if there will be a need for it or not.  Updates will be provided at that time as to the situation.



2011 – 2012 Meeting Schedule

Please join us on the second Friday of the month;

members and non-members are welcome!

Meeting Time:      11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. NEW Location :        The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati* Rookwood Tower (5th Floor) 3805 Edwards Road, Suite 500 *Health Foundation does not allow food to be brought in to its facility.


Please Note: The following schedule of presenters and topics may be subject to change. Join the Mediation Council for regular meeting reminders with updated information.   To join the Mediation Council or to renew membership (annual dues are $15),  contact Anne Wakefield at  HYPERLINK “”


January 13, 2012: Chris Hall, Beech Acres Marketing Director, presents, “How to Start a Blog”. Learn how to create a blog and how blogs are used to share information–then decide if blogging is right for you.


February 10, 2012: Jacqueline Hagerott, Esq., Ohio Supreme Court Dispute Resolution Section Manager presents, “Parenting Coordination:  the Newest Dispute Resolution Tool for High Conflict Families”. Learn what mediators need to know about the latest dispute resolution process to be used in family courts.


March 9, 2012: Meghan Clarke, ME Clarke Consulting, presents, “Peace for Peacemakers: A Dialogue on Self-care” and will provide ideas about how to take care of yourself when you are experiencing stress or “mediator burnout”.


April 13, 2012: Martha Camp, Mediator, presents, “Educing Information and Cooperation:  What Mediators Can Learn from Interrogators”, which will examine the parallels and divergences in purpose, technique and strategy between military interrogators and mediators, referencing Matthew Alexander’s book “Kill or Capture” about interrogating Iraqi citizens in search of terrorists.


May 11, 2012: The group meets for its annual luncheon gathering at a restaurant to be named later.

If you have questions or need information, contact Chris Hayley at 513-639-9132.


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Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio and the Columbus Bar Association Personal/Professional Conflict Resolution Training March 14 and June 6, 2012; Basic Mediation Training February 22 & 23 April 5 & 6; and May 9 & 10, 2012; and 40 Hour Domestic Mediation Training April 11, 12, 17, 18, & 19, and October 17, 18, 23, 24, & 25, 2012.  Presenter Shelley Whalen, Executive Director of CMS and a past president of OMA.  Training site 91 Jefferson Avenue, Columbus OH, the Thurber Center CLE and CEU’s Contact CMS (614) 228-7191 or  HYPERLINK “”  Fax: (614) 228-7213  Mailing address:  67 Jefferson Avenue, 2nd Floor, Columbus OH 43215.

Capital University Law School Center for Dispute Resolution

Center for Dispute Resolution, Capital Law School, 303 E Broad Street, Columbus OH 43215-3200, Phone (614) 236-6430/ Fax (614) 236-6956 CDR Directors include Roberta S Mitchell and Scot E Dewhirst, Co-Directors of the Center, and Terrence T Wheeler, Executive Director of the Center.  Please visit our website at  HYPERLINK “” to gain more detailed information on our trainings or to register on-line.

Cleveland Mediation Center United Office Building, Suite 906 2012 West 25th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44113 2005 Presenters include Dan Joyce and Wendy Hawbaker For further information on all training contact: Bob Curtis, Training Co-coordinator Phone: (216) 621-1919, extension 500 Fax: (216) 621-3202 E-Mail .

North Coast Conflict Solutions and Cleveland Mediation Center has announced trainings for the year.  Information about these trainings is available on the MANO website at:  HYPERLINK “” \o “”


2012 Canadian School of Peacebuilding June 18-22 and 25-29, 2012  HYPERLINK “” \o “”

Come this summer to learn with peacebuilders – local and international, young and old, students, practitioners, and those new to peacebuilding – at the fourth annual Canadian School of Peacebuilding.  We invite you to participate in your choice of five-day courses for personal inspiration, professional development, or academic credit.  You can apply now at  HYPERLINK “” \o “”

The fourth annual Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP), a program of Canadian Mennonite University (CMU), will be held in Winnipeg, MB, June 18-22 and 25-29, 2012.  Two 5-day sessions, each with three courses running concurrently, will be offered for training or for academic credit.  The CSOP is designed to be an environment characterized by (a) education for peace and justice, (b) learning through thinking and doing, (c) generous hospitality and radical dialogue, and (d) the modeling of invitational community.  The Canadian School of Peacebuilding is for people from all faiths, countries and identity groups.

We are delighted to again be able to offer courses taught by  HYPERLINK “” \o “” expert and engaging instructors who are committed to peace work.  You are invited to join us this international gathering for one or more of the following  HYPERLINK “” \o “” courses:

Session I – June 18-22, 2012

Great Leaders of Peace: Stories of Aboriginal, Canadian and International Leaders

Instructor: Ovide Mercredi

Peace Skills Practice

Instructor: Karen Ridd

Speaking Out…and Being Heard – Citizen Advocacy

Instructors: Stuart Clark & Sophia Murphy

Session II – June 25-29, 2012

Participant Driven Processes: Cultivating Change, Respecting Difference

Instructor: Barry Stuart

Faith, Music & Inter-Ethnic Reconciliation

Instructor: Ivo Marković

Women & Peacebuilding

Instructors: Ouyporn Khuankaew & Anna Snyder

Registration is now available at HYPERLINK “” \o “” .  More information is available at  HYPERLINK “” \o “” or by e-mailing  Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.   We hope you will consider joining us.   Wendy Kroeker & Valerie Smith Co-Directors Canadian School of Peacebuilding


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