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Why Mediation?

Mediators are trained neutrals who assist parties to discuss the issues confidentially and work together to develop a mutually satisfactory resolution.

This non-adversarial, cooperative process enables parties to control the outcome of their dispute and avoid litigation. Mediation throughout Ohio is effective in resolving many civil disputes including those which involve small businesses, landlords and tenants and many other commercial and interpersonal matters. Family disputes are also resolved effectively in mediation, including divorces and other matters concerning children and parents.

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Member Spotlight: Leah Hadley

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Leah is a CDFA and an MAFF.  Her website is https://www.greatlakesdfs.com The first installment of our blog's member spotlight series features Leah Hadley. Located in Cleveland (but available by Zoom...

Reflections on the 2019 Annual Conference

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For our 2019 Annual Conference, we were fortunate to have clinical psychologist Dr. Joseph Shannon speak to us. His talk was a mixture of up-to-date research on the science of...

Questions for Mediators When Children Resist Contact with a Parent

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Mediations which include custody and parenting time can be very complex, especially when the family dynamics are complicated. Effective mediation requires close attention to the roles each party demonstrates in...

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